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Published by My B. · Published on 2 March 2010 at 00h00 · Updated on 23 December 2016 at 09h57
Tired of storing your children’s toys lying around the house and dreaming of a giant game room for them to play ? The Playmobil Funpark is made for you ! 11 playgrounds and more than 6000 square feet of playing space, kids will have plenty of room and playmobils to have fun with.

Trust us, you will something to entertain your children in this game room entirely dedicated to Playmobils. The younger ones can play games adapted to their age, while the older ones can run around and play the pirates.       

The different playgrounds divide themselves into many themes the kids will enjoy for sure : Princess castles for girls, dragon castles for boys, farm, safari, dinosaurs, tractors, hospital, circus. Your children WILL certainly find something that will catch their attention.

Our take on the park : do not go to Playmobil Funpark if you’re hoping to find high sensation rides. It’s just a giant playground. That being said, your kids will have a blast and won’t be solicitating you every 5 minutes. Non negligible bonus these days : the price range is very affordable. Free for those under 3 and 3€ beyond.

Many activities are scheduled throughout the day at fixed times, with a special mission as a lifeguard for example. You’ll find more useful information on the park’s official website.

Useful Information :
Official website : Playmobil Funpark
10AM - 7PM from Tuesday to Sunday
Price Range :
From 3 years old : 3 €
Disabled children : 2 €
Children under 3 : free
On site boutique only : free

Practical information


94260 Fresnes

- 3 ans: Free
handicapés: 2 €
+ 3 ans: 3 €

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