The Lord of the Rings, extended version in Gaumont-Pathé movie theaters in Paris

Published by Clémentine V. · Updated on 7 March 2018 at 13h14 · Published on 7 March 2018 at 12h57
The end of March will be paced by the Lord of the Rings! on March 9, 15 and 22, 2018, Gaumont and Pathé movie theaters will screen the three movies of Peter Jackson’s saga, and get ready because it’s the extended version.

Everybody – or almost – has heard about the Lord of the Rings. This interplanetary success, inspired by Tolkien’s masterpiece, has been released over fifteen years ago now, and it’s still a subject we talk about. As a matter of fact, Gaumont and Pathé movie theaters decided to pay tribute to Peter Jackson’s trilogy by screening the extended versions of the movies across France.

For lack of completing a marathon that guzzles a big part of the weekend and only motivates the bravest and hardcore fans, movie theaters decided to screen the trilogy spanning 3 weeks. The first part of the Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of The Ring (3h48) is screened this Friday March 9, while the other two episodes are screened a few days later: on Thursday March 15 for The Two Towers (3h55) and on Thursday March 22 for The Return of the King (4h23). Each session will be preceded by a presentation by movie fan Philippe Rouyer and who will take you behind the scenes of the saga.

Here is a lovely way to end March, isn’t it?

Here’s the list of the movie theaters screening the movies in Paris and its region:

  • (English Version) Gaumont Champs Elysées / PARIS
  • (English Version) Gaumont Parnasse / PARIS
  • (English Version) Gaumont Opéra côté Capucines / PARIS
  • (English Version) Pathé Wepler / PARIS
  • (English Version) Les Fauvettes / PARIS
  • (English Version) Pathé Beaugrenelle / PARIS
  • (English Version) Gaumont Convention / PARIS
  • (English Version) Gaumont Alesia / PARIS
  • (French Version) Gaumont Aquaboulevard / PARIS
  • (French Version) Pathé La Villette / PARIS 
  • (French Version) Pathé Quai d'Ivry / IVRY
  • (French Version) Gaumont Disney / MARNE LA VALLEE
  • (French Version) Europacorp Aéroville / TREMBLAY EN FRANCEE
  • (French Version) Pathé Belle Epine / THIAIS
  • (English Version) Pathé Massy / MASSY
  • (French Version) Pathé Dammarie / DAMMARIE LES LYS
  • (French Version) Gaumont Carré Sénart / SENART
  • (French Version) Pathé Levallois / LEVALLOIS
  • (French Version) Pathé Conflans / CONFLANS

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 9 March 2018 to 22 March 2018


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