The Jesus Rolls by John Turturro: trailer

Published by Caroline J. · Updated on 4 March 2020 at 12h31 · Published on 3 March 2020 at 16h42
John Turtutto presents his new movie, “The Jesus Rolls”. To discover soon in movie theaters, this movie focuses on the American director alongside Bobby Cannavale and Audrey Tautou in a spin-off of The Big Lebowski.

The Jesus Rolls: this is a movie that will get itself talked about a lot! Written and directed by John Turturro (Romance and Cigarettes, Passione, Fading Gigolo), this movie is described as a Cohen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski spin-off which story focuses on the character of Jesus Quintana played here by John Turturro.

Moving on to the cast, John Turturro is in front and behind the camera. By his side, we have Bobby Cannavale (The Irishman, I Tonya, Blue Jasmine), Audrey Tautou (Chinese Puzzle, The Trouble With You), Pete Davidson, Susan Sarandon, Christopher Walken and even John Hamm.

In the USA, the movie is said to be out on March 6, 2020. Yet, for the official release in France, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to discover The Jesus Rolls in French movie theaters.


A mix between a spin-off of The Big Lebowski by the Cohen Brothers and inspired by Bertrand Blier’s Going Places.


Note that French artist Emilie Simon also signs John Turturro’s movie’s original soundtrack. On the occasion, discover the first single and video clip for Always Now:

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