Annick Goutal: between vintage and avant-garde

Annick Goutal is a brand well-known by beauty-addicts. Specialized in perfume and beauty products, it stands out by products mixing love for vintage and avant-garde daring.

Annick Goudal’s universe is very peculiar. Each of her creation tells a story, a moment of life. Generally speaking, her universe looks like Gatsby’s yet it promotes tomorrow’s trends.

Bottles with gilded caps and vintage graphism lay before our eyes to make you go into an olfactive trance. Divided into ten families, each of these perfumes has its own character and acts like a true love filter. What about the spellbinding Mandragore Pourpre or the sensual Tenue de Soirée? The strong Duel or the gourmet Rose Pompon? Each of these bottles hold a woman’s portraits, find yours. 

Annick Goutal : Entre Vintage et Avant-Garde
 If you’ve always been fascinated by ancient Hollywood beauty routines, you can now follow the same routine as a movie star but at home thanks to iconic accessories. If the Rose Pompon perfume embodies who you are, you can get the limited edition iridescent powder. Equipped with this beautiful and very fluffy small powder puff, put the powder onto your body and cleavage to leave a wonderfully scented and pearly veil onto your skin.
Annick Goutal : Entre Vintage et Avant-Garde

You’ll also like the refreshing body gel of the same range and also limited edition. We like the body cream version of Tenue de Soirée that makes your skin as smooth as velvet and L’Île au Thé face mist that helps you boosting your skin all day long.

The Splendide body and face care range is worth it, especially the Rosée Splendide because of a blending of several rose waters that gives an invigorating tonic and a genuine flowery breeze.

Practical information:
Annick Goutal
Several stores in Paris
Rose Pompon body and cleavage iridescent powder: €50
Rosée Splendide, 1.7 fl.oz: €40
Rose Pompon Refreshing body gel, 5.9 fl.oz: €65
Tenue de Soirée body cream, 5.9 fl.oz: €65

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 14 August 2017

Practical information

Rosée Splendide 50 ml: 40 €
Poudre Irisée Corps et Décolleté Rose Pompon: 50 €
Crème corps Tenue de Soirée 175 ml: 65 €
Gelée Fondante Rose Pompon 175 ml: 65 €

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