Aesop: exceptional products for your beauty routine

Aesop is a cosmetic brand that managed to delight Parisians who follow a balanced lifestyle. It offers many ranges of products proved to be effective.

Once you are in an Aesop store, you almost feel like in an herbalist’s store of the future. A clean design, comforting wooden tones and washstands to test the products. The shelves are full of products, simple and cracker-barrel bottles. Welcome in the den of the cosmetic of the future!

Aesop is a mix between botanical art and scientific precision. Behind these ranges for your daily beauty routine, an army of chemists strives to create top notch products thanks to almost molecular processes to better explore plants properties. 

Aesop : Des produits d’exception pour le quotidienAesop est une marque de cosmétique qui a su ravir
 As if it wanted to show you there is nothing to hide, the brand presents its products in a very simple way. Let’s forget gee whiz packagings, make way for brown and see-through bottles that remind the former herbalist’s stores and their numerous potions. A simple tag displays in bold letters the name of the products, the ingredients and their use. Everything is transparent and simple. The millions of arguments don’t bore you to death since the products speak for themselves.

And to tell you everything, Aesop cares know how to seduce you. Use it for two days and you’ll discover your skin and hair completely free from pollution and a more radiant skin. We better understand why the brand says no to filter. If truth be told, there is not a lot that need to be proved.

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Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 22 August 2017

Practical information

Shampoing équilibrant (200 ml): 20 €
Baume Concentré aux Agrumes pour le Corps (120 ml): 29 €
Masque nettoyant à l'onagre pour le visage (60 ml): 31 €

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