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Dior private collection: new fragrances

Published on 12 October 2017 By Rizhlaine F.
Les nouveautés de la collection privée des parfums Dior

Dior extends its private perfume collection, a niche collection meeting a great success especially thanks to the Bois d’Argent fragrance. Will this flagship fragrance be deposed?

True gem in terms of perfumery, Dior private collection is a must. This sophisticated range of niche perfumes used to include 12 mixed references including the very famous Bois d’Argent that launched the Iris trend in the perfumery world or Leather Oud that highlighted Oud. Floral perfumes like Colle Noire with very avant-gardist notes like Cuir Cannage without forgetting oriental fragrances such as Ambre Nuit.

Each of these fragrances tells a story, a ballade in Avenue Montaigne or a sumptuous ball, a journey through times, to the ‘50s or a stroll in the imperial garden. And from now on, these twelves story become twenty-two since ten new references have just arrived.

You can immerse yourself in a flowered garden with a journey scent with Rose d’Egypte, Sakura and Jardin des Anges, or lingering over more forest-like notes with Balade Sauvage or Lucky. Souffle de Soi or Thé Cachemire will wrap you in a veil of softness with their delicate scents as smooth as a touch. Or perhaps Belle de Jour, Terrabella or Diorissima are likely to tell your story?

Practical information:
Dior new private collection
Currently available
At Galeries Lafayette Haussmann 
Or in Dior stores

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