Mesolift treatment at Paris Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or

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On the menu of Paris Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or, mesolift is a treatment proposing you to boost your complexion and plump your skin. A very delicate process to give you a new breath of life.

Paris Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or is a place specialized in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic medicine treatments. Nestled in a secret setting within walking distance from the Trocadéro, it respects the clientele’s discretion while proposing treatments for all needs.
The first floor of the clinic looks like a hotel particulier and is devoted to aesthetic surgery. Liposuction, rhinoplasty and even breast implants, it’s here that surgeries said to whisk off patients’ complexes are done. Yet, not everyone is ready to take the plunge, or don’t feel like doing it.

We climb to the second floors where we find the treatments related to aesthetic medicine. Botox or hyaluronic acid injection, photorejuvination and even laser depilation, softer methods to rejuvenate, practiced by dermatologists, are available. But that’s not the only asset of the clinic.

Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or also proposes you to test lighter methods that will conciliate your desire to embellish your skin and your possible concerns about aesthetic medicine. You can then test a miracle treatment: mesolift. It’s a super cocktail based on vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid boosting your epidermis. Here, this treatment is really softly applied with micro-needles which maximal depth is 1 millimeter. Just enough to open up your pores and enable your skin to feed on this true beauty-shot.

Mésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'orMésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'orMésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'orMésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'or

To each age its use. For young skins, mesolift enables to prevents the signs of aging and effects are already visible since the skin is lightly plumped and our complexion looks better. For the skin marked by time, it provides a deep moisturization and softens wrinkles. To make it last, it’s perfect if you use sessions every two weeks before allowing more and more intervals between them.

The session lasts thirty minutes and the application is completed in a relaxing atmosphere with peaceful music. The team is very attentive and most of all is able to answer to any of your questions. It’s a true token of trust to know that the person about to apply you a treatment knows everything about it.

Mésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'orMésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'orMésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'orMésolift à la clinique Eiffel Carré d'or

If the treatment is for any type of skin, we advise you to use is only if your skin is very dry or if your complexion lacks some glow. The outcome is visible right after: the complexion is lighter, the skin plumped, the possible spots are less visible, the fine lines are erased, and your skin looks soft. A true photoshop shot. The skin is super moisturized for at least one to two weeks. Mesolift technic has the advantage that is has no specific contraindication other than pregnancy. You can use a session before or after sunbathing.

Following your session, you have to use a sheet mask, a mask steeped in a hyaluronic acid-based treatment or tea tree, according to your needs, that you can directly apply after your treatment at the clinic, or at home, later in the day, if you lack time. Sheet masks are masks coming from South Korea, a super novating country in terms of beauty, and you should leave it for at least thirty minutes.

In the end, this treatment is a good thing for those who are looking for a miracle remedy offering visible effects from the very first application to fight against the signs of aging without using injections or aesthetic surgery.

Practical information:
Mesolift at Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or
€150 for a 30-minute session
Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or
6 Square Pétrarque – 75116 Paris

Practical information


6 Square Pétrarque
75116 Paris 16

Métro Trocadéro (lignes 6 et 9)

Mésolift: €150

Official website

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