Sabon, the feel-good cosmetics store

Sabon is the brand that promotes properties of nature. We discover body scrubs based on Dead Sea salts, shampoos with exhilarating scents, moisturizing creams with smooth textures… everything you need to pamper yourself!

At Sabon, we only bet on mother nature and it’s fine as it is. In this store, we let ourselves be wrapped in a zen and comforting atmosphere, like in a cocoon. The air is filled with a sweet smell, the light is soft, and we can see upcoming cocooning sessions the brand will offer us. In the center, a large bowl, inspired by the nature too, that will enable you to try the body scrubs with the help of the attentive staff. On the shelves, jars and creams follow one another but don’t look the same. Yet they all have one promise: to make you have a pleasant moment of wellness.

Sabon, la boutique de cosmétiques qui fait du bien au moral

In the beginning, their specialty was craft soaps sold by the cut. But the crème de la crème are the Dead Sea salt body scrubs for a true soft skin. Scents, sometimes tantalizing, sometimes florals, are addictive. Jasmine, very subtle, leaves an attractive, almost exhilarating, smell on the skin. Here, one’s mix vanilla with coconut for a young scent that is mischievous and delicious at the same time. Musk, a sure bet, adorns the skin with a veil of freshness such as lemon-mint. And for more peps, the very fruity mango-kiwi will please your nose. And no matter what you choose, you’ve just bought an effective and soft body scrub, and you’ll hardly want to leave your bath.

Sabon, la boutique de cosmétiques qui fait du bien au moral

So, to get motivation, choose a body moisturizing cream. Same scent and same satisfaction: a very soft baby-like skin we can’t stop smelling. Cream, milk or sorbet gel, each one presents a unique and pleasant texture. To make your choice, you better focus on your needs. Lucky for us, at Sabon, you won’t lack advice so that will make your skin more moisturized than ever at the end of your ritual.

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 19 April 2018

Practical information


32 Rue des Rosiers
75004 Paris 4

Métro Saint-Paul (ligne 1)

Gel sorbet 200ml: 27,50 €
Gommage 600ml: 30 €

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