Niche perfumeries in Paris

Looking for a unique fragrance? A heady perfume which manages to enchant your entourage? Keep reading to find happiness in the best niche perfumeries in Paris!

A perfume is not something you should trifle with. It’s something sacred, a part of your personality that should make an impact. If you wish to go on a quest for the unique perfume that is similar to you, why not finding happiness in a niche perfumery?

We talk a lot about niche perfumery, but what is it? Actually, it’s a bit the mass distribution anti-perfume. These are fragrances mostly handcrafted and of a better quality, which doesn’t mean it costs more than the perfumes we’re used to find in regular stores.

These perfumes are quite rare. Generally speaking, you’re very not likely to run across someone else wearing the same fragrance as you do. Your relationship with your perfume is much more personal. The same perfumer can offer you a very large range of fragrances.

Le guide des parfumeries de niche à ParisLe guide des parfumeries de niche à ParisLe guide des parfumeries de niche à ParisLe guide des parfumeries de niche à Paris

But before throwing yourselves into this quest, here are a few advices likely to make you save time by targeting the notes that can help you and your perfumer determinate what could be the perfect perfume for you. First of all, think about your personal taste: are you more into fruity scents? Sour scents? Sweet? Proceed by elimination or by likeness and list your criterion.

Next, think about your sweet memories. Take down memory lane and find your best memories. Do you remember lying in the shadow of a fig tree when you where in the countryside? Can you smell this delicious summer scent on a beach? How about a winter in Paris? Try to target the breath of fresh air you enjoyed when walking in the forest or in a rose garden, maybe?

There you are? Do you have a more precise idea? Here we go, let’s find you the unique perfume of your dream!

Happiness is at the tip of your nose.

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 20 November 2018

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