Lockdown in Paris and Île-de-France: sport and walks limited to 10km, excluding time restriction

Published by My B., Alexandre G. · Photos by Alexandre G. · Published on 20 March 2021 at 13h04
This is offician, Paris and Île-de-France are placed in 24/7 lockdown for four weeks, statring this Saturday March 20, é021. This new lockdown sees things change as for walks, runs, and workouts. As a matter of fact, trips outside, without leaving your region, can be completed within a 10-km perimeter, but subject to a derogatory trip certificate.

This Thursday March 18, Jean Castex announced the implementation of a 24/7 lockdown in Paris and the entire Île-de-France, to curb as much as possible the spread of Covid-19 and its mutations. The executive wishes to adapt lockdown to "curb without locking down".

Waht about walks, strolls, runs, and sport activities? Now we know contaminations are rarest outside, the government has decided to favor outings and time outside one's home.

Therefore, trips, walks, workout, and runs can be completed in a 10-km perimeter around your home, and without time restriction. Within the limit of your region, and without exceeding curfew now starting at 7 p.m.. As a matter of fact, interregional trips are now banned, excluding derogation.

But, you will have to get your derogatory trip certificate every time you go out. Small precision, already available during the previous lockdowns: sole sport practices outside is allowed.

The Prime Minister also said it was possible to enjoy a breath of fresh air without time restriction but it shall not lead to big gatherings, barbecue parties or gatherings in parks or in front of cafés and bars.

To detail these new measures, a decree is to be presented by the Prime Minister and his government. As for bicycling, please note it is allowed for leisure (in a set 10-km perimeter), as well as a mean of transportation for home-work trips without limits.

We can easily understand the government wishes with this special instruction to encourage the French to go out and take a breath of fresh air to better cope with their lives as they are quarantined again.

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