History and traditions: behind the scenes of Paris Christmas windows

Published by Graziella L. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 24 December 2021 at 18h06
Paris Christmas windows is a genuine part of the heritage! Every year for the Holidays, crowds flock in front of them, to admire the decorations and stagings created to make children and adults dream.

Paris shines bright like a diamond for the Holidays with Christmas trees and decorations, markets and windows in a magical atmosphere. Speaking of Christmas windows, do you know their story and how they have become a genuine event for families amazed by the creations full of imagination?

Classic, magic or extravagant, Christmas windows display product and tell stories with mini theaters. The first windows have been created in 1909 by Le Bon Marché before it became a tradition and a marketing tool for Parisian department stores. In the 1950’s, windows start to meet such a success a genuine rivalry starts between stores. They have to work twice as hard and be even more creative, hire specialists and create the universe likely to attract curious crowds.

At the Galeries Lafayette, windows are prepared a year ahead and thought to make people want to go inside. Every year comes with a new theme focusing on fantastic or magic, without forgetting winter. Genuine works of art, windows require skills from scenarists, stage directors, architects or sculptors to be able to distinguish themselves despite years passing.

And this is a traditional not likely to stop anytime soon since almost ten million visitors come and admire them every Christmas! Here are this year’s windows in Paris:

Les Vitrines de Noël à Paris 2021 se dévoilentLes Vitrines de Noël à Paris 2021 se dévoilentLes Vitrines de Noël à Paris 2021 se dévoilentLes Vitrines de Noël à Paris 2021 se dévoilent Paris Christmas Windows 2021 are up!
Department stores’ Christmas windows 2021 will be uncovered starting from late October-early November for children and adults' greatest joy! Galeries Lafayette, Bon Marché and BHV, we are looking forward to discovering the decors expecting us this year! [Read more]

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