Coronavirus: lockdown exit plan, announcements as for gatherings

Published by Laurent P. · Photos by My B. · Published on 29 April 2021 at 15h31
During an interview with the regional daily press, Emmanuel Macron announced his four-step lockdown exit strategy, revealed this Thursday April 29, 2021 by our peers from Europe 1. A lockdown exit plan that plans - like in May 2020 - to limit gatherings. Keep reading to find out more!

Modalities to exit lockdown because of coronavirus are starting to get clearer…. During an interview with the regional daily press, French President Emmanuel Macron has revealed his four-step lockdown exit scheme said to start from May 3 to June 30, 2021. A plan revealed by our peers from Europe 1 and Le Parisien this Thursday April 29, planning limited gatherings, exactly like during the first lockdown exit back in May 2020.

So far, excluding prefectorial approval for protestations, gatherings are limited to 6 people maximum in the public space. But lockdown exit could progressively change the measure since the second step of the plan - starting from May 19 - it seems gatherings could be extended to maximum 10 people per group in the public place. A limitation that remains yet subject to facemask-wearing and in compliance with health guidelines.

This limitation does not apply to places such as museums, restaurants, or fairs that - when reopen - will be subject to different limits. As for weddingsfunerals, and other family gatherings, nothing has been decided yet, suggesting the current measures for these events could be the same as the ones already instated. When will small and limited gatherings end? According to Le Parisien, these limitations could be lifted from June 30: "depending on the local health situation, gauges will be changed - and even lifted - in places open and during gatherings", they explain.

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