Edouard Philippe's address: the government's statements for June 2

Published by Julie M. · Photos by My B. · Published on 29 May 2020 at 14h08 · Updated on 29 May 2020 at 14h36
This Thursday May 28, 2020 the French government is presenting the second phase of the containment exit plan expected to start on June 2nd. This is the occasion to assess the situation in France since May 11th. We will also (finally) know when restaurants, bars, cafés, movie theaters, museums, show venues and other places of life French miss will reopen. We will also be given the new deconfinement map with the green and orange areas.

Edouard Philippe announced it when presenting the containment exit plan to the National Assembly, then the Senate and to French in a press conference along with 6 other ministers: the first phase of the containment exit plan will span from May 11 to June 2, 2020. After which, if everything goes as planned, the new phase – spanning over 3 weeks as well – will take place including another gradual lifting of restrictions and the reopening of new places of live to take us, very gradually to a return to “normal life” while learning to live with coronavirus.

The Prime Minister repeated over and over again that around May 25th, 2020, the French will be told about the reopening of bars, cafés and restaurants. If the date is not set yet, it is about these places can reopen again from June 2nd in green departments. According to the current criteria, the Île-de-France is the only region staying in a red department. Remains to be seen if the new criteria will include more departments or if the Parisian region, including 18% of the French population on its own, will change color. Announcements will be made on Thursday May 28, 2020 following the Council of Defense ordered by Emmanuel Macron.

As for the Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, he announced that cultural events will resume in June along with the reopening of museums or theme parks in green areas, such as the Puy du Fou ultimately opening in June.

As for movie theaters: “We are working on reopening movie theaters in early July the Minister says. As a matter of fact, distributors have asked to reopen them domestically to respect the chronology of movies and make sure there is no several opening dates for one movie in France.

Minister for Ecologic Transition Elisabeth Borne has announced this Sunday that the government will deliver more details as for summer vacations later this week, as the phase 2 of the containment exit will be announced. French will know if they can go on vacations in France and if they can go farther than 100km and from when.

Moving on to junior high and high schools, sixth graders and seventh graders have been back to school since May 18th in green area and will be probably soon joined by eighth graders and ninth graders. For now, we have no further information as for the red area. Moreover, it seems that high schoolers will not return to school before September. Only students eleventh graders are still preparing French baccalaureate oral.

Carte du déconfinement en France le 14 juin 2020, évolution des indicateursCarte du déconfinement en France le 14 juin 2020, évolution des indicateursCarte du déconfinement en France le 14 juin 2020, évolution des indicateursCarte du déconfinement en France le 14 juin 2020, évolution des indicateurs Deconfinement map in France: indicators' evolution as of July 7, 2020
We still look at the data as for the coronavirus situation in France closely. This Tuesday July 7, 2020, France is now entirely green, excluding Mayotte and French Guiana that remain an orange point of vigilance.

Whatever happens, we are expecting to know more in the next few days about this second phase, during the next address of the government.

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