Covid vaccine: stock update in France

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 30 March 2021 at 08h33
Where is France’s vaccine stock at? As the government announces they aim at vaccinating 30 million people by mid-June, vaccinations data raise questions. According to the government’s data, over 1,800,000 vaccines are stocked in refrigerators and freezers in France.

Covid vaccine management, a laborious task for pharmacists, doctors, midwives, and firefighters called to vaccinate the population. Although Jean Castex reminded the goal to give the first Covid-19 vaccine dose to 10 million people by “mid-April”, then 20 million by “mid-May”, and 30 million in June, it is necessary for the vaccine flow to keep up.

And with new AstraZeneca vaccine delivery delays in the EU – suggesting exportation restrictions because of non-EU production to supply doses secured by the 27 – and delays for the Janssen vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary – expected in France in May 2021 instead of April – the government’s promise seems jeopardized.

One thing the government has not lied about: data transparency. The number of vaccines in stock in France can be checked on showing data on stock available in logistics platform agents subcontracted with Santé Publique France – gathering several expeditions to pharmacies – as well as stocks in “pivotal” health facilities such as hospitals and university hospitals. The most curious ones can also browse detailed stock on a local basis, by department and place of vaccination on the government's website.

Vaccine stock in France as of March 26, 2021

  • AstraZeneca vaccine:
    108,040 doses in logistic platforms
    29,800 doses in pivotal facilities

  • Moderna vaccine:
    231,590 doses in logistic platforms
    168,340 doses in pivotal facilities

  • Pfizer vaccine:
    1,225,188 doses in logistic platforms
    944,430 doses in pivotal facilities

Two million AstraZeneca doses are expected in France after a 29-million-dose stock has been found in a Anagni factory near Rome, Italy, in a subcontractor of the Swedish-British laboratory.

The government explains for Pfizer vaccine that “sole doses at -80°C are included [in stock], defrosted doses must be used very quickly”. Vaccination is expected to open to people over 65 years of age, and over 50 years of age in May, according to the vaccination campaign schedule. At the moment, sole people over 75 years of age, and people aged 50-74 suffering from comorbidities, people suffering from at-risk pathologies and some health professionals can be vaccinated.

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