Covid: AstraZeneca to reduce virus spread – a study says

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 3 February 2021 at 16h36
According to a study led by the Oxford University, AstraZeneca Covid vaccine reduces by 67% the spread of the virus from the first dose injected. Good news in the fight against the pandemic and eventually the eradication of the disease.

And what if the vaccine was able to limit the spread of Covid and – eventually – eradicate the virus? As uncertainty keeps on spreading the research universe on the matter, the vaccine that for now only protects people vaccinated (and not the others), AstraZeneca plays their cards right with their vaccine. How come? According to a study carried out by the Oxford University that consisted in assessing ongoing clinal trials on the matter, the UK laboratory vaccine is said to reduced by 67% spreading coronavirus from the first dose.

This study – yet to be peer-reviewed before release – is genuinely good news and comforts the British government in their vaccine strategy so that in the end, they will be able to eradicate the virus. As for infectiology and pediatric immunology professor Andrew Pollard from the Oxford University – and running the assessment – he explained AstraZeneca vaccine could have a “huge impact” on the virus transmissibility.

Yet, Andrew Pollard added that the study started before variants broke out, which could change things if new studies are carried out on the latter. “The virus will find ways of adapting so that can continue to pass between people” he said.

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