Covid: 286,000 French vaccinated between March 10 and 11, a record, Olivier Véran finds

Published by Cécile D., Rizhlaine F. · Published on 12 March 2021 at 17h13
Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, vaccination is speeding up in France. During the press brief held on March 11, Health Minister Olivier Véran affirms 286,000 French have been vaccinated these past 24 hours, a record.

As the Covid-19 epidemic keeps on spreading in France, the vaccination campaign seems to have improved lately. After 220,000 people vaccinated on March 6 and 7, France sets a new self-record with 286,000 people vaccinated in 24h, Olivier Véran said.

During the press brief on March 11, 2021, Health Minister was pleased with such a record: “286,000 vaccinations have been performed the past 24h, leading to a total of 4.3 million French given the first injection. […] This weekend, we keep on making efforts. […] Stocks are shorter than last weekend, but 100,000 Pfizer doses are to arrive by Tuesday”, Véran added.

This strong increase can be explained with the latest facilities allowed to vaccinate citizens (pharmacies, temporary centers), as well as the delivery of new vaccine doses in France.

This Thursday March 4, 2021 the government announced the vaccination campaign was to increase specifically in at-risk departments where 135,000 vaccine doses have been sent to. 50,000 doses have been delivered in Île-de-France where a hundred vaccination centers opened for the weekend. Even though vaccines have started to get a first positive effect in nursing homes, the government now calls health workforces to get vaccinated, as not enough of them have been vaccinated already.

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