Covid: the vaccine to cut by 50% risk of transmitting the virus within a household

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 28 April 2021 at 11h45
A British study shows the vaccine cut by half risk of passing Covid-19 within a household, from the first dose.

Vaccination is the most effective weapon to stop the spread of Covid-19, as a study conducted by the Public Health England found. Issued this April 27, the study shows that only one dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca is enough to cut by half the risks of passing the virus within a household. Such results are “terrific news”, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

British scientists have carried out their study in 57,000 people belonging to 24,000 different households. Each household featured one person vaccinated and positive to Covid-19. Scientists compared the virus transmission rate in these household with about one million contacts of people not vaccinated.

The comparison is clear: three weeks after being given the first dose of the vaccine, people infected are 38 to 49% less dangerous to people they share a household with. Only one dose of vaccine is therefore enough to dramatically cut coronavirus transmissibility. These results are the same no matter the age of the person vaccinated or their entourage.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “we already know vaccines save lives and this study is the most comprehensive real-world data showing they also cut transmission of this deadly virus”.

The Public Health England study also shows that after four weeks, only one dose of vaccine is enough to cut by 60 to 65% the risk of developing symptoms of the disease. Although vaccines do not fully prevent the virus from entering one’s body, they can still block the most adverse effects, and this is very good news.

The United Kingdom has been leading a massive vaccination campaign since December 2020 to curb the massacre caused by Covid-19. After 127,000 dead, 34 million first doses injected, and 13.2 million people fully vaccinated, the UK has reopened stores and terraces in mid-April.

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