Covid: vaccine pass to end on March 14, 2022, Jean Castex confirms

Published by Cécile D., Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Cécile D. · Published on 4 March 2022 at 09h50
Is the vaccine pass to end soon in France? This Thursday March 3, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on TF1 TV news the application of the vaccine pass will be suspended from March 14: the pass will no longer be required in restaurants, movie theaters…

The vaccine pass is to end soon in France. This perspective addressed this past February 22 by Olivier Véran in front of the Senate’s information mission has been confirmed this March 3, 2022, by Jean Castex.

The Prime Minister was invited on TF1 tv news. The chief of government then announced: “the situation is improving, thanks to our collective efforts. We will then proceed to a new easing step. Starting from Monday March 14, we will suspend the application of the vaccine pass everywhere it applies to”.

From mid-March then, it will no longer be necessary to present the vaccine pass to access restaurants, movie theaters, museums, bars, gyms… But, Jean Castex specifies “the health pass in health facilities or retirement homes remains in force, so does vaccine obligation applying to caregivers”.

The government is pleased with the withdrawal of the epidemic in France: the new case toll has been dropping since January, despite the major threat the Omicron variant represented.

This past February, the Health Minister announced the necessary conditions to lift health restrictions: he said the vaccine pass could be lifted if the number of patients suffering with coronavirus and hospitalized in resuscitation units decreased below 1,500 “so we can consider the normal functioning of hospitals has resumed”. Another criterion under rolling review, the R reproduction factor “below 1 on a long-term basis”. Last but not least, the incidence rate was to drop around 300 or 500 cases for 100,000 inhabitants “maximum”.

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