White Night 2019: cotton candy throw in the streets of Paris

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 29 September 2019 at 11h12
Uncommon installation for the White Night 2019, Vivien Roubaud’s cotton candy factory will take us down memory lane. This childish work will travel the streets of Paris during the big procession on Saturday October 5, 2019!

A traveling cotton candy factory throwing cotton candy up in the air, it’s the crazy idea of Vivien Roubaud, an artist used to twist the utilitarian functions of machines!
Said to be in the parade of the White Night 2019 – scheduled on Saturday October 5, 2019 – this work will travel from the Place de la Concorde to the Place de la Bastille between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Waste of sugar? More or less, because you can get the cotton candy released in the air with your hands or a stick and eat it. How does it work? Artist and handyman Vivien Roubaud has altered the sandblaster and centrifugal ovens so that they can throw sugar filament in the air. The only glitch would be rain…

If it rings a bell, it’s that the cotton candy factory was in Paris already in 2018 during the “Les Faits du hasard” exhibition at the 104. And if you like it, we’ve got some good news since the work will join the travelling works of art collection of Grand Paris Express: it will keep on travelling the greater Paris. And rumor has it that it will be in front of the Grand Palais for FIAC from October 17 to 20, 2019.

Call all (grown-up) children you know, they’ll love it!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
On 5 October 2019
From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.



    75 Paris