Banksy in Paris: where are the works?

Famous anonymous street artist Banksy has stopped by Paris this weekend and 8 works have been discovered by Parisians. If you think you’ve seen a Banksy, we remind you Banksy’s works already found and we give you clues to identify them!

The first steps of Banksy in Paris! What a surprise, we were waiting for his coming for a long time, Banksy, the world’s most sought-after street artist, still anonymous after years of success. If he came for an exhibition in Malakoff, there’s nothing like the pleasure of finding Banksy works in the street and it's now possible since June 23, 2018!

Banksy in Paris!

We recognize his hand with the stencils he sues, and how he uses black and white for his characters. If he remains anonymous, Banksy already exhibited in museums and even released a book. We learn lots of things about the patterns he uses, his method and even a biography (vague enough so that we can’t find who he is!).

On Tuesday June 26, 2018, on Instagram, Banksy confirmed being the very author of two works. Rats in situations representing Paris: a couple of rats and a graffiti artist (?)!

A rat holding a newspaper at the entrance of the BPI, Banksy!

Near the Bibliothèque Publique d'information, a rat holding a newspaper. Banksy clarifies on Instagram “Fifty years since the uprising in Paris 1968. The birthplace of modern stencil art.” This rat is here to remind us that social struggles also involves knowing about one's society and culture, rebelling, of course, but with the right weapons! 

Banksy à Paris !


A couple of rats admiring the Eiffel Tower under the RER C, Banksy!

And by the Seine, we find an adorable couple of rats like in the 20’s, with a bowler hat for Monsieur and a sunshade for Madame, admiring the Eiffel Tower far from the crowd, a wonderful ode to the Parisian architecture and love. This subject, Banksy has been working on it for years because the rat exists without any permission and embodies the persecuted and chased class, as well as the class that rises to survive. 

Banksy à Paris !

The dog amputated by his master, Banksy?

In this allegory of capitalism, we seen a man in a suit giving a bone to his dog. But upon looking, the dog only has three paws and the man hides a handsaw behind his back. It’s awful, but the story seems to tell that the man feeds on the flesh of his loyal companion and gives him the leftovers… and that the dog, too loyal or dupe, thanks him for this attention! That’s it, violent, this scene turns your blood to ice and makes us wonder about our reality! To be seen in rue Victor Cousin!

Banksy à Paris, les oeuvres en photos

The vandalized little girl, Banksy!

We’ve all heard about the little Black girl who drops her teddy bear, grabs a spray to try to cover up a swastika tagged on a wall with pink patterns, a pattern symbolizes Syria. This stencil has been found next to the former First Refugee Center that closed recently…

And if you have a doubt, this stencil already exists in Banksy fans’ data base, he made a young boy with an aerosol spray in hand for an exhibition at the Bristol Museum in London in 2009! Vandalized, the little girl went blue. We yell at the Parisian who went over it because if he wanted to erase the swastika, he could leave the poor girl alone who is now being assaulted a second time! To be seen at Porte de la Chapelle.

Banksy à Paris, les oeuvres en photos

A veiled Napoleon riding a horse, Banksy!

For this work, Banksy amuses himself by twisting the famous Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David (1801). To us, it means that the war chief doesn't launch the attack using hand signals, but he is totally blinded by his cape he wanted bigger. A political message conveyed to the French government?

Banksy à Paris, les oeuvres en photos

The rat rebelling against "Disney" mice, Banksy!

Banksy signed a rat dressed in a knot refering to the big Disney company. Looking at its head and the 1968 inscription (with the eight written with dots), we can easily say that Banksy criticizes the company trying to buy the rebels with fantasy. The rat claimed by Banksy is set in Passage de la Main d'Or.


Une publication partagée par Banksy (@banksy) le27 Juin 2018 à 11 :00 PDT

The grieving Bataclan by Banksy!

Another work on the emergency exit door of the Bataclan. A grieving woman, with a black look, sends shivers down your spine. With this message, Banksy offer his compassion to Paris and spectators and their close relatives during the Eagles of Death Metal concert. It’s the first time Banksy draws in Paris and he doesn’t seem to have forgotten this gesture! It remains to be seen if this funeral tablet will last a lifetime in the place story, or if the door will be replaced (but kept) to allow the staff and Parisians to move on?

Banksy à Paris, les oeuvres en photos

At the entrance of Montmartre, Paris is a moveable feast!

Like an invitation to walk along the big stairs of rue du Mont-Cenis, we find a rat catapulted by the bottle of champagne it opened. Seated on the cork, it's shoot out to the festive village of Montmartre!

Banksy à Paris !

Treasure hunt!

A treasure hunt is currently happening in Paris. If you see new styled stencils in your area, here are the tracks to comprehend.

For a few years, Banksy always picks up on the current events of the cities he’s visiting. In Calais, Banksy represents Steve Jobs to remind us that the founder of Apple was the son of a Syrian man. A year ago, Banksy covers the façade of a house at the borders of England with a European flag. We find then a man erasing a star… Brexit!

Characters conveying a message pf peace or rats rebelling against the society, if you find a work looking like these ones, don’t hesitate to ask using the hashtag #Banksy!

Elodie D.
Last updated on 29 June 2018

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