Dali, l’énigme sans fin: the exhibition at the Atelier des Lumières, new dates

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 22 December 2020 at 11h01 · Updated on 22 December 2020 at 13h16
You know his works, but do you really know what hides behind? Come and discover the secrets of one of the greatest painters of his generation at the Atelier des Lumières. “Dali, l’énigme sans fin” – Dali, the endless enigma – is on from January 29, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

We can recognize his mustache and watches straight away, but what do we really know about him? The Atelier des Lumières presents Dali, l’énigme sans fin, an exhibition running from January 29, 2021 to January 2, 2022. Dive into this surrealist, hypnotic and mysterious universe.

It is like walking in a dream… The Atelier des Lumières exhibition takes us to Dali’s unique universe and walks back over 60 years of creations. Paintings, drawings, photographs, installations, movies and archive pictures show the Catalan painter’s unique character, as well as his obsession for strange and supernatural, as well as his fascination for his wife, Gala, a genuine muse and collaborator.

Thanks to the monumental works played on the Atelier walls, you can also find the inspirations of the Spanish master: great masters such as Velasquez, Raphael, Michelangelo, Vermeer and Millet.

The staging and the choice of the works produce a hypnotic effect: what an experience it is to walk in Dali’s paintings. We discover his optical effects and dream evocations in a new light and see the painter plays in his works.

From his initial impressionist and cubist researches to mystical works with religious themes, via his surrealist period and his relationship to the stage, photography and cinema, the Atelier des Lumières aims at providing us with a complete tour of Dali’s career, but one question remains: will we uncover all the mysteries of this oh-so surprising man?

The exhibition lives to the pace of music by Pink Floyd. A bold choice that can be surprising but which is no hazard. Like the painter, the British band shows a surprising visual imaginary where obsessional visions and technique virtuosity are intertwined.

The second part of the exhibition is about Gaudi, an architect of the imaginary, a tribute to this architecture genius.

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From 29 January 2021 to 2 January 2022



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