Nigloland, theme park and novelties 2019

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Published by My B. · Photos by My B., Laura B. · Published on 22 July 2019 at 14h24 · Updated on 22 July 2019 at 14h37
Theme park set a few kilometers from Troyes, Nigloland reopened this April 6, 2019. It welcomes you until November 3, 2019. And this year, the novelty is called the Eden Palais, a place returning to the story of the Gélis family, carnies and circus artists.

First of all, Nigloland is a family story: the Gelis-Caron family continues 6 generations of tradition of show, circus and funfair. After starting in the circus business in 1838 with Frédéric Caron, the circus manager and trapeze artist, and his brother Philippe Caron, clown, the family never left the entertainment business.

We find them again from 1925 on the roads of France at the head of the most beautiful funfairs in the country before settling down in 1987 when the brothers Philippe and Patrice Gelis created Nigoland on the family lands.

Nigloland 2019

A family tradition not likely to stop, as shows the arrival of Rodolphe, Phillipe’s son and Valentine, Patrice’s daughter, running the park in early 2017.

Today, with about forty attractions including 12 thrilling rides and 28 that are kids-friendly for kids under 1 meter, its 8 restaurants and its Hôtel des Pirates 4*, in 2018, Nigloland has been elected by its peers the 3rd best theme parks in Europe before some major international groups.

Nigloland 2019

Nigloland welcomes you on a 40-acre field at the heart of the Forêt d’Orient in the Aube department and invites you to visit the 4 themed villages:

  • The Village Merveilleux [Wonder Village] with 16 attractions
  • The Village Canadien [Canadian Village] with 7 attractions
  • The Village Suisse [Swiss Village] with 7 attractions
  • The Village Rock’n’Roll [Rock’n’Roll Village] with 7 attractions
What's fantastic with this park is the plants and the greenery. Green areas are fantastic. We feel like walking in a wonderful floral village where cascades of flowers, giant trees, bushes and waterways are found everywhere.
Nigloland 2019

Moving on to attractions, little by little, Nigoland wanted to get rid of its image of theme parks for kids with its 27 attractions available for kids under 1-m tall, and for a few years now, it offers new thrilling rides. We find the world’s highest rotative drop tower: the Donjon de l’Extrême inaugurated in 2016. This attraction allows the boldest visitors to enjoy a 360° panoramic view over the park before a vertiginous 100-m drop stopped by magnets at the end.

Nigloland 2019

Among the novelties 2019:

  • The Eden Palais - Carousel Museum

This year discover the new place filled with Nigloland's history, the Eden Palais gathering a museum, a movie theater area and two authentic attractions.
This Eden Palais houses a small movie theater in front of which has been set up the Limonaire brothers' organ from 1906, where we discover, thanks to archive pictures and video clips, the story of the family Félis before Nigloland opened in 1987. The family also set up an elegant trailer filled with memories of the family. Merry-go-round models from the movie are exhibited in the Eden Palais. Don't leave it before you had the chance to ride the Carrousel 1900, this merry-go-round with wooden horses. The smallest visitors will be happy to ride the Route de l'Essence, a collector's merry-go-round from the 1960's with many cars. In the late afternoon, enjoy the live concert in the Eden Palais.

Nigloland 2019

Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019

And to discover the other attractions, click the video below:

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From 6 April 2019 to 3 November 2019



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