The Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, a botanical masterpiece

Paris Jardin du Luxembourg is a park valued by Parisians – nicknaming it “Le Luco” – as much as tourists. A bucolic and very lively garden that makes whoever comes to have a walk happy and even more when the sun is out!

The Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the most visited Parisian gardens and for good reason! Located in Paris 6th arrondissement, surrounded by beautiful terraces, gourmet tea salons and tasty brasseries, it’s a very lively park where nature splendors rub shoulders with the beauty of architecture. The Palais du Luxembourg rules the place and for the record, it’s the current headquarters of the Senate. The same palace is at the origin of the creation of the garden, ordered in 1612 by queen Marie de Medici to accompany this building. Yes, the Jardin du Luxembourg is wise beyond its years!

Le Jardin du Luxembourg à Paris, un chef d'oeuvre botanique

The Palais du Luxembourg isn’t the only building adorning this oh-so rural garden. It’s also here that we can find the Musée du Luxembourg. We discover an orangery as well as hothouses housing over 400 species of orchids. But plant lovers can already admire the Jardin du Luxembourg botanical marvels before even approaching the glasshouses. Because the garden also has a surprising exotic touch that almost makes us forget we’re still in Paris.

Le Jardin du Luxembourg à Paris, un chef d'oeuvre botanique

We also come to admire the varied statues embellishing the garden, the very beautiful Medici fountain erected in 1630 by the one it’s named after, Marie de Medici, as well as to relax in the sun on one of the many chairs. Under a tree, near a pavilion, you can even listen to an orchestra or a marching band enlivening the park with their instruments. Nothing unusual, the Jardin du Luxembourg is very appreciated by musicians.

Le Jardin du Luxembourg à Paris, un chef d'oeuvre botanique

The smaller ones can have fun by the pool where they can sail sailboats that have the charm of another time. We also enjoy this perfect spot for pétanque games. And if you feel in the mood, you can have a picnic, some pitches are accessible! And if you need a gourmet break, there are gourmet stands! Crepe or ice creams, it’s up to you and the season but in any case, your taste buds will be fulfilled.

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Last updated on 19 April 2018

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