"Accro des arbres", at the Port aux Cerises outdoor activities center

Published by Elodie D., Julie M. · Published on 14 February 2022 at 11h00
The courses of "Accro des arbres" (Addicted to trees), that perfectly blend into the natural environment of the "Port aux Cerises" ourdoor activities center, in Essonne, are open to all ages (starting at age 3). All in all, 8 courses and 105 "climbing" workshops await you, from February 19, 2022, after closing for the winter.

Come discover the 8 courses and the many workshops of Acrro des arbres, in the heart of Essonne, in Draveil in the Port aux Cerises outdoor activities center. All courses are equipped with continuous lifelines for thrills but safe!

What you're in for:

  • 2 "explorator" courses, from 5 to 8 y.o. This trail at ground level enables the youngest ones to be introduced to tree climbing. €8 for 30 minutes.

  • 1 "discovery" yellow course, from 6 y.o. and 1.10m (3.6ft). This course lasts 20 minutes and is for children and adults to enable them to discover tree climbing!

  • 1 "initiation" green course, from 6 y.o. and 1.10m (3.6ft) as well. Lasting 25 minutes and easy, it introduces you safely to tree climbing.

  • 1 "adventure" brown course, from 6 y.o. as well, and from 1.25m (4.1ft) and over 30kg (66.13lb). Lasting 35 minutes, it is a bit harder.

  • 1 "sensation" blue course, from 10 y.o., you must be at least 1.40m (4.59ft) to make it and weigh between 40kg (88.18lb) and 100kg (220lb). It lasts 45 minutes and the difficulty is pretty mild.

  • 1 "sporting" red course, from 10 y.o., you must be over 1.40m (4.59ft) to make it. Lasting 45 minutes, the difficulty is intense.

  • 1 "expert" black course for people over 12 years old and over 1.50m (4.92ft), it lasts 40 minutes and is intense. It is reserved for teens and sporting adults who feel the adventurer inside them waking up.

For €17.50, 6-9 y.o. have illimited access to the 3 yellow, green and brown courses. 10 years old and + pay €22 per person and can enjoy all courses.

Please also note that an "explorator" violet course for the toddlers is available. Open to 4 to 8 y.o., with an adult on the ground, the mini tree climbing site is a closed playground area protected by a safety net. Budding adventurers will evolve without harnesses on the playful workshops, using their balances. Pay for the lenghth: €8 for 30 minutes, €12 for 60 minutes.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 19 February 2022



    Rue du Port aux Cerises
    91210 Draveil

    4-7 ans: €8
    8-9 ans: €17.5
    +10 ans: €22

    Recommended age
    From 4 years old

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