Basketball: open-air courts for street basketball in Paris

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For basketball addicts who don't want to lock themselves in a gym, but prefer to show off their dunks to the public, this guide is for you! We reveal our selection of playgrounds where street basketball can be played in Paris.

A ball, a basket, a few friends: that's all it takes to let off steam and have a good time with friends. Basketball is a very popular sport, but one that requires a minimum of infrastructure to play. Fortunately, Paris is home to several basketball courts, including numerous open-air playgrounds, giving players greater freedom.

Weather permitting, grab your ball and get out and enjoy these basketball courts open to all. Set up most often in parks, gardens or squares, but also between two buildings or under subway lines... Basketball courts are everywhere in Paris, to the delight of orange ball lovers.

Classic, decorated by street artists, freshly renovated or older, with a dream view or not... There's something for everyone. Here's a selection of the best basketball courts in Paris, for wild outdoor games. Let your inner Michael Jordan do the talking, and show off your skills on the playground!

  • Jardin des Halles basketball court
    1st arrondissement, 32 rue Berger
    In the heart of Paris, the Forum des Halles district has it all: a large shopping center, a richly decorated garden... And a basketball court open 24 hours a day.

  • Terrain des jardins Saint-Paul
    4th arrondissement, 9 rue Charlemagne
    In the heart of the Marais district, take advantage of these large courts for group play.

  • Playground du jardin du Luxembourg
    5th arrondissement
    The Luxembourg Gardens are home to a number of sports grounds, including playgrounds dedicated to basketball. A pleasant natural setting to let off steam and enjoy the fine weather.

  • Terrain Duperré
    9th arrondissement, 22 rue Duperré
    An atypical playground, almost hidden between two buildings, and recognizable by its bright colors and street-art design.

  • Jemmapes basketball court
    10th arrondissement, 142 quai de Jemmapes
    Opposite the Canal Saint-Martin, this recently renovated court is accessible free of charge, 24 hours a day.

  • Playground de la Porte de Charenton
    12th arrondissement, 68 boulevard Poniatowski
    This court is very popular with basketball players, and for good reason: its space is divided into four segments, allowing several games to be played at once.

  • Playground Glacière
    13th arrondissement, 98 boulevard Auguste Blanqui
    Located under the overhead line of metro 6, near the Glacière stop (no surprise here), this mid-street metro enjoys an urban atmosphere reminiscent of New York.

  • Playground du parc Montsouris
    14th arrondissement
    A park much appreciated by Parisians, but also by sports enthusiasts, who enjoy a multisport pitch in a verdant setting.

  • Square Duchêne playground
    14th arrondissement, 144 rue Vercingétorix
    This 3x3 basketball court has been completely redecorated by the artist Elsa Martino, illustrator and basketball player, for matches that are both intense and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Bir-Hakeim playground
    15th arrondissement, 77 quai Branly
    Its unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower makes it a popular spot for players. This is where the capital's best basketball players gather to play: will you accept this challenge?

  • Terrain de Luquet
    20th arrondissement, 4 rue du Transvaal
    Renovated by the NBA, redecorated by artist Kekli, this court is the perfect place to have fun.

  • Terrain des Haies
    20th arrondissement, 41 rue des Haies
    And speaking of Michael Jordan, how about following in his footsteps? The American inaugurated the terrain des Haies in 2015, and features inspirational phrases by the basketball player.

To find even more courts near you, check out the interactive map on the City of Paris website. Enjoy the game!

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