Valentine’s Day 2018 at Le Manoir de Paris

A Dark Valentine Night is the special event offered on Wednesday February 14, 2018 by Le Manoir de Paris to couples. If your foal is to know if your other half will be hanging on tightly on you, you’ll be served. This year, please welcome vampires…

Who said that Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated with flowers, chocolate and a restaurant? Let’s be different and do our own thing! Head to Le Manoir de Paris for the Dark Valentine Night.

Le Manoir de Paris invites you to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently by being plunged into total darkness. You want your ladylove to be grabbing your arm, no problems, she’ll undoubtedly be. No candlelit, an enchanting music, the question is: will you leave this darkness alive?

The Dark Night is a horrific orientation circuit in total darkness. A glowstick per group. Monsters can touch you. Please note that the event is prohibited to visitors younger that 16 years of age.

For single visitors looking for a party that can take your mind off things, this is a good idea! It sounds good, isn’t it? In total darkness and no marked way, only one light guides you…

Vampire lovers, let yourself be tempted by this Dark Valentine Night at Le Manoir de Paris. From Nosferatu to Dracula, from Camilla to Lestat de Lioncourt, you shall be bitten! Everything takes place in the dark. Let’s hazard you’ll be transformed.

If you don’t know Le Manoir de Paris, the 1000 sqm venue covers 2 floors where the bloody legends of Paris are told. About twenty actors roam the place to make you experience frightening moments. Between surrealistic scenes and a décor from another era, Le Manoir de Paris will seduce you (or scare you, take your pick).

So, whether you’re an uncommon couple or simply anti-Valentine’s Day, this outing was made for you. An unforgettable and frightening evening. You’re going to sweat and have your senses burn. Think about booking as soon as possible since tickets are limited!

Practical information:
Valentine’s Day at Le Manoir de Paris 
Wednesday February 14, 2018 at 10 p.m.
Venue: Le Manoir de Paris
Dark Night price: €27
The Dark Valentine Night is prohibited to visitors younger than 16 years old

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Practical information

Opening Time
On 14 February 2018
From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.



    18 rue du Paradis
    75010 Paris 10

    tarif plein: 27 €

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