Parc Saint Paul 2018

The Parc Saint Paul opens its doors from March 31 to November 4, 2018. Enjoy this charming place, located in the heart of Oise, in its natural and authentic setting. The family park has many new features in store for you this year.

The sunny days are coming back (yes, we really believe that), so why not discover or re-discover the Parc Saint Paul with your family ? This theme park is located a few miles away from Beauvais, in a green environment that stretches over 15 hectares with more than 40 attractions for young and old.

No media hype surrounding the Parc Saint Paul, this place is not a big-budget park like  Disneyland Paris or Astérix, where high sensation rides and enchanting settings are competing everyday against each other. The Parc Saint Paul is a human size park, essentially adapted to people who want to have a blast for a day en enjoy many attractions the youngsters will love for sure.

The Parc Saint Paul has a  total of 44 attractions :

35 attractions for the entire family
Minis Quads, Noah’s Ark, Escala-gliss, Maison Foldingue, Tour yoyo and many more...

5 high sensation rides
Enjoy the Tour Descente Extrême, the Aqua Splash, the Wild Train, the Coaster Formule 1 and the zipline...

In 2018, the park offers 2 new familiy attractions:

  • Wood Express:
    The first wooden rollar coaster of the Parc Saint Paul. A course covering 500 meters with 13 air-times, a first 15-m down for a speed of 38 mph.
    Available for the whole family from 3 ft 7.

  • Become a giant
    You too, become a giant thanks to this new ride: an optical illusion for the whole family.

1 live show

Animals are given pride of place with "L’Oeil du Tigre" (The eye of the tiger):  Sultan, the royal white tiger, leads a group of five tigers from Bengal. A fascinating show !

• 1 bubble show

Admire these voluptuous, colorful, enchanting forms in the new show Bubble World... The art of bubbles fascinate everyone without exception.

5 food corners

Sweet or savory, you’ll find something you like, and if you’re a picnic type of person, more than 40 barbecue grills have been made available by the park to enjoy a green environment and a 3 hectare water surface. In brief, going to this park is a nice idea if you want to spend some quality time with your family. Youngsters will have a blast without emptying your wallet, and that’s always a good thing.

In short, here's a lovely idea to spend a family day without fuss, children will have fun without breaking mum and dad's bank.

Julie M.
Last updated on 12 March 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 31 March 2018 to 4 November 2018



    47 Rue de l'Avelon
    60650 Saint Paul

    enfant: 19 €
    adulte: 23 €

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