Escape Game Aventure, the escape company for kids, in Puteaux (92)

Published by Margot de Sortiraparis, Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on June 11th, 2024 at 02:19 p.m.
Would you like to introduce your children to escape games? Head for Escape Game Aventure in Puteaux, in the Hauts-de-Seine department, to discover rooms designed entirely for children. Ready for adventure?

Doing an escape game as a family is often complicated, especially when you have young children... But not for this brand located in Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine! Welcome to Escape Game Aventure, an escape game establishment located on rue Parmentier for the first address, and square Léon Blum for the second, offering rooms entirely designed for young children, so that they can enjoy them just as much as their parents.

There are six rooms, depending on the brand: three atEscape Game Aventure on rue Parmentier, based on pirates, spies and dinosaurs, and three at Square Léon Blum, based on magic. The details are as follows:

Escape Game Aventure - Rue Parmentier :

Take a leap back in time to 1521, in the hold of the fierce Captain Barbarossa's pirate ship. Dig for clues, solve riddles, foil traps... But don't forget to have fun! Note that you won't be alone on this mission, as funny Captain Jack Soulaw will help you recover Barbarossa's treasure.

Awaken your inner spy and enter a surprising apartment to steal a priceless object. An astonishing program awaits you in which you'll have to search, manipulate objects and be discreet in this surprising room! Our best secret agent will accompany you on this mission!

  • Dinoland - 8 children maximum, one adult compulsory

Do you love dinosaurs? You'll love Dinoland Island! A real dinosaur zoo featuring a lush jungle, a 5* hotel, souvenir stores and dinosaurs... The problem is, your trip certainly won't go as planned! Adrenaline and thrill seekers, this is the adventure for you!

Escape Game Aventure - Square Léon Blum :

  • Magic School - 8 children maximum, ages 5 to 11, one adult required

The famous magic school in Puteaux is in shock. One of its teachers has disappeared. Your mission: find him and find out what happened! It's up to you to infiltrate the school, posing as fake wizard students, and solve the case as quickly as possible!

"Nothing goes right at the castle. A precious object belonging to a princess has disappeared... It's up to you to fly away into a fairytale world and discover the many secrets the castle holds. A journey into a magical, fun and surprising world!

Grandpa has always been a superhero fan... In his attic are souvenirs of his favorite heroes. Apparently, it holds many secrets, not least a long-lost costume. Put on your mask, don your cape and discover his fantastic universe.

It's also ideal for birthday parties, since the establishment also offers formulas with made-to-measure cakes, sweets, drinks and games. And, of course, the brand's rooms! So, shall we make a reservation for the family?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts June 10th, 2020

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    28 Rue Parmentier
    92800 Puteaux

    Transilien line U or T2 "Puteaux" station

    Equipe de 2 à 4 joueurs: €100
    Equipe de 5 joueurs: €120
    Equipe de 6 joueurs: €140
    Equipe de 7 joueurs: €160
    Equipe de 8 joueurs: €180
    Equipe de 9 joueurs: €200
    Equipe de 10 joueurs: €220
    Formule anniversaire de 3h, pour 8 personnes: €440

    Recommended age
    From 4 to 11 years old

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    Sessions from 10am to 6pm.

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