Easter 2022: Mado à Paris’ giant Egg-Madeleine

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Photos by My de Sortiraparis · Published on April 12th, 2022 at 01:25 p.m.
Craving an extraordinary Easter egg? Head to Mado à Paris, a brand selling delicious madeleines in the 1st arrondissement, and proposing for Easter a giant egg-madeleine made of laced chocolate and filled with “casts” including small chocolate madeleines and rocher. A curious and indulging egg to discover now!

For indulging, XXL, and extraordinary Easter, run to Mado à Paris in the 1st arrondissement, a store specialized in madeleine, and proposing on the occasion a very original and chocolatey creation! And for good reason, brace yourselves because you will get a huge madeleine, as the house sells a chocolate egg shaped as… a gigantic madeleine!

An XXL-sized madeleine, with a lace structure, hollow on the inside, and filled with very special “casts”: small madeleines made with milk or dark chocolate, as well as milk chocolate rochers and mendiants to keep things very indulging. Note the giant madeleine is available in large and small sizes (well, a really generous piece no matter the size…), in milk or dark chocolate versions, or even in a golden milk chocolate version.

Chocolats de Pâques 2022, Mado à ParisChocolats de Pâques 2022, Mado à ParisChocolats de Pâques 2022, Mado à ParisChocolats de Pâques 2022, Mado à Paris

A creation the editorial board tasted. Wrapped in a lovely yellow ribbon, this Easter madeleine-egg is incredibly looking and generous. We were delighted to discover the golden milk chocolate version, and we fell in love with the grand cru milk chocolate, low in sugar, tasty and balanced. It is simple: every time we took a bite, we wanted another one, and it was a struggle not to eat it up in one go…

As for the “casts”, honorable mention to the homemade and very flavorsome rochers. As for the price, allow €39 for the big 450g madeleine, and €30 for the small 350g madeleine. Anyway, it was a great discovery and a great gift idea if you want an extraordinary egg… We recommend to go to the store instead of ordering it online, as it is fragile and it will prevent it from arriving broken! Shall we go to Mado à Paris to get your madeleine, then, friends?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From April 9th, 2022 to April 18th, 2022

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