Health pass: 64% of the French approve its implementation to bars and restaurants

Published by Cécile D. · Photos by My B. · Published on August 23, 2021 at 05:54 p.m.
According to an Elabe survey for BFMTV, 64% of the French approve the use of the health pass to access to cafés and restaurants. 77% of them accept it in long-haul public transit. Results have been increasing in comparison with July.

For several weeks now, the French have taken the habit to show their health passes to board trains, have lunch at the restaurant, go to the museum, or movie theater. A measure the citizens rather accepted well, according to an Elabe survey for BFMTV issued this Monday August 23, 2021 and despite the anti-pass protests blocking the streets of the main cities in France for weeks.

According to 1,000 people surveyed, representative of the society, 64% of the French are for the health pass in bars, cafés and restaurants. An increasing opinion in comparison with surveys carried out in July.

And this approbation has spread to all the other places the health pass is required in: 72% of the surveyed approve it to access places of leisure and culture, and 77% of them in long-haul public transit such as train or plane.

According to Elabe, only one data is decreasing compared to the month before: 65% of the French comply with the health pass to go to the hospital, namely five points less than in July.

By examining the survey more precisely, the health pass still divides the society. People aged 65+ are the people the most favorable for the pass, with a positive proportion set between 81 and 90%. But only 42 to 53% of people under 35 are open for the use of the door opener.

Those against the health pass consider this measure disturbs their lives and outings to much, forcing them to let go of their leisure.

The pandemic, vaccines and pass also create conflicts in people’s social circles: 23% of them recognize they do not want to see someone close who has not been vaccinated. 23% of them as well reveal they have fought with their friends or family about vaccines or the pass.

Despite renewed calls for protests, anti-pass people are less and less supported by the people: 54% of the French surveyed say they are hostile to these protests.
As for the government, results of this survey are a victory. This August 23, on France 2 TV channel, Minister Bruno Le Maire is pleased with the economic recovery that started along with the health pass: “consumption in restaurants has increased by 9% between August 9 and 15”, the Minister of Economy claims.

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