UGC Normandie on the Champs-Elysées closes for good, with a special program before the end

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After almost a century of screenings, UGC Normandie, the cinema on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, will close its doors on June 13, 2024. This decision marks the end of an era for this iconic cinema, which opened in 1937 and has become a veritable symbol of Parisian film culture.

Thunderclap on the Champs-Elysées. After the closure of UGC George V in March 2020 and Gaumont Marignan at the end of 2023, it'sUGC Normandie 's turn to bid farewell.

The closure of UGC Normandie is the result of a number of factors, including falling footfall and rising rents, exacerbated by the avenue's transformation into a space increasingly dedicated to luxury. While Vuitton is extending its hold on the avenue, with the opening of stores such as Saint Laurent and sports brands like JD Sport or Salomon, which is taking over the legendary Citroën branch, others such as Fnac and UGC are packing up. The current economic climate and changing cultural habits have also played a crucial role."Before, you went out into Paris to go to the movies, you dressed up, now you want to go to the movies close to home," explains a UGC spokesperson.

To celebrate its rich heritage and bid farewell to its loyal patrons,UGC Normandie is organizing an exceptional program from May 1 to June 13. This period of festivities will include screenings of cinema classics, concerts, and an auction of iconic items from the venue. "Turning this page in history on a happy note with those who love this place seems essential to us," says Samuel Loiseau, General Manager of UGC cinema operations.

The program is called"Merci UGC Normandie: un mois pour 50 ans d'histoire". During this last month, the greatest masterpieces of the 7th art will be on offer at €8.50 a ticket, and the greatest films for young people at €6 a ticket. Numerous surprises and special evenings are also planned.

Until the full program is announced,UGC Normandie invites everyone to share their memories of the cinema by sharing photos, videos and anecdotes... directly on social networks via the hashtag #merciUGCnormandie or by email to

All UGC Normandie employees have been reclassified to other UGC establishments, as the Group maintains its commitment to its staff despite successive closures on this historic avenue. This announcement raises questions about the future of cinema culture in highly commercial areas.

This closure is symptomatic of the wider transformations at work in global metropolises, where spaces dedicated to culture often have to give way to other, more profitable forms of commerce. Nevertheless, new cinema projects are emerging elsewhere in the capital, such as Pathé 's Opéra project and the planned reopening of the Géode and La Pagode, promising a continuation, albeit transformed, of the cinematic tradition in Paris.

The UGC Normandie will soon be but a memory in the Paris cinematic landscape, but its history and impact on generations of moviegoers will remain etched in the memory of the City of Light. In the meantime, make the most of it before the end of an era...

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