Fast Fashion: soon a €5 surcharge on Shein or Temu clothing?

Published by Audrey de Sortiraparis · Published on February 21th, 2024 at 08:00 p.m.
Is Fast Fashion living out its final days in France? A new bill proposes a bonus-malus system for clothing, depending on its environmental impact, with industry giants such as Shein and Temu in the firing line.

A new bill has entered the French political arena, aimed at reshaping the fast-fashion landscape in France. Spearheaded by Antoine Vermorel-Marques, Member of Parliament for the Loire region, this bill aims to introduce a bonus-malus system for clothing, according to its environmental impact, with a particular focus on Asian behemoths such as Shein and Temu. The French National Assembly will examine the text in March.

The primary aim of this initiative is clear: to encourage consumers to buy clothes made locally or under environmentally-friendly conditions. In practice, this would mean a price reduction for clothes produced in France or Europe, as well as for those sold in local shops. In return, a "malus" would be applied to purchases made on platforms that do not meet these criteria of social and environmental responsibility, those that cultivate "ultra fast fashion" by putting "more than 1,000 new products online every day", according to information gathered by BFM TV.

To make this ambition a reality, the MP is proposing a fixed penalty of €5 on each item of fast-fashion clothing. A measure designed to encourage consumers to opt for more sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Moreover, the fierce competition from these giants has already led to the destruction of thousands of jobs and the disappearance of iconic French fashion brands such as Camaïeu, André and Naf Naf...

Is fast fashion living its last moments in France?

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