An unusual exhibition featuring the Olympic flame and 200 objects from the history of the Games!

Published by Communiqué Sponsorisé · Published on June 21th, 2024 at 03:36 p.m.
Dive into the world of urban sports at SPOT24! Breakdance, 3x3 basketball, surfing, BMX, skateboarding, sport climbing... Discover these street-born disciplines and the artists who bring them to life. Until December 31, visit 101 Quai Jacques Chirac in the 15th arrondissement to find out more about the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

A spot where enthusiasts and the curious share the same playground and come to discover the iconic objects that have marked these disciplines as well as the history of the Games. A place to get your adrenaline fix, or just a cup of coffee on the terrace: SPOT24 !

SPOT24 is a truly immersive and interactive experience, designed by François Gautret - creator of the successful Hip-hop 360 exhibition - which introduces you to these new disciplines born in the streets(3x3 Basketball, BMX, Breaking, Climbing, Skateboarding, Surfing), as well as the "finger skate" movement, surfboards by Polynesian artists, original frescoes and sculptures by international artists such as PichiAvo, Insane51, Kanti and Léo Caillard.

It's a unique opportunity to discover over 200 iconic objects that have gone down in the history of the Games, and to get up close and personal with Olympic torches from all over the world: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Singapore and, of course, the famous "Flame of Paris", so far only on display at SPOT24!

What's more, SPOT24 takes you on a journey through an unexpected artistic program designed for all audiences: entertainment, battles, sports initiations, autographs, meetings with internationally renowned artists and athletes... before, during and after the Olympic Games!

In this lively, vibrant space, come and get inspired, get your breath taken away, share the musts of Parisian cuisine on the terrace at Café SPOT24 and get your adrenaline fix for the day!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From June 20th, 2024 to December 31th, 2024

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    101 Quai Jacques Chirac
    75015 Paris 15

    Tarif réduit: €8
    Tarif plein: €10

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