Saint Patrick's Day 2024: Irish sports you can't afford to miss in Paris

Published by Graziella de Sortiraparis · Published on February 21th, 2024 at 02:00 p.m.
This March 17, it's St. Patrick's Day, the Irish celebration par excellence! The Irish people are very sporty, so here are a few typical Irish sports and where to try them in Paris.

St. Patrick's Day is the occasion to celebrate the Irish national holiday and enjoy a festive atmosphere, even in the streets of Paris! Wearing green and bar-hopping are just some of the fun activities you can enjoy on March 17, but why not try your hand at some typically Irish sports, alone or with friends?

In Ireland, sports enthusiasts are spoilt for choice, from Gaelic sports to soccer, rugby and field field hockey. Some sports are organized throughout Ireland, including Northern Ireland, thanks to the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), theIrish cultural organization dedicated to promoting Gaelic culture.

  • Gaelic soccer

Gaelic football has been Ireland's most popular sport since the 19th century, with final matches attracting some 80,000 spectators. It resembles a mixture of rugby union and soccer, but is less violent as tackling and tackling are forbidden. The rules are simple and offer more freedom. It's an amateur sport, and each player can only play for one team in his or her entire life, that of the county in which he or she was born.

  • Hurling - Camogie

Hurling is a team sport played outdoors, with a stick, the hurley, used to kick a ball, the sliotar. This variant of field field hockey is considered the fastest team sport, and has a women's version, camogie. Hurling appears to have originated in Ireland before Christianity, and has been played for almost 2,000 years between neighbouring villages. These games involved several hundred players, and a game could last several hours or days.

  • XV rugby

Rugby à XV, which is played by teams of fifteen players on the pitch, is the most widely practiced variant of rugby, with its distinctive features being scrums and touches, between two teams competing for an oval ball, played by hand and foot.Originating inEngland, the sport spread toAnglo-Saxon countries and France at the end of the 19th century. Although it is widely played in Ireland, it has been overtaken by Gaelic sports and soccer.

  • Soccer

Soccer is the most popular of the non-Gaelic sports. Although the local league has a small following, the Irish enjoy watching matches, particularly in the English league, where the best Irish players play.

  • Golf

Golf is very popular in Ireland. There are several hundred golf courses on the island, attracting tourists as well as the Irish! Local and international competitions can be seen on Irish television.

  • Where to play in Paris?

In Paris, the Paris Gaels GAA offers traditional Gaelic sports. Founded in 1995 by Irishmen, the club was the first to be affiliated to the GAA in Europe outside Ireland and Great Britain. This is your chance to try out men's and women's Gaelic soccer, hurling and camogie at training sessions, and to sign up if you're feeling Irish!

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