"Karaoke": a wacky comedy starring Michèle Laroque and Claudia Tagbo at the cinema in March 2024

Published by Julie de Sortiraparis · Published on January 31th, 2024 at 06:20 p.m.
"Karaoke", Stéphane Ben Lahcene's latest master stroke, is a sparkling comedy that invites Michèle Laroque and Claudia Tagbo to break down social barriers to the tune of opera and karaoke. Discover how this unexpected duo transforms a professional misadventure into a moving human and musical adventure, in cinemas from March 20, 2024.

The vibrant comedy "Karaoké", due in cinemas on March 20, 2024, plunges us into the heart of a story as hilarious as it is moving. The film, written and directed by Stéphane Ben Lahcene, features a dazzling cast with Michèle Laroque, Claudia Tagbo and David Mora in the lead roles.

Michèle Laroque, renowned for her remarkable performances in films such as"Le Placard" and"Ensemble c'est tout", plays Bénédicte, an opera singer at the peak of her career until one fateful night. Claudia Tagbo, famous for her vitality on stage and her roles in"Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?", takes on the role of Fatou, an unconditional karaoke fan. David Mora, meanwhile, is best known for his role in the hit series"Scènes de ménages", bringing a welcome touch of humor to the film.

The plot revolves around Bénédicte, whose career is suddenly jeopardized after an evening of excess. When she finds herself at her lowest ebb, Fatou, with her unshakeable passion for karaoke, offers her an unexpected challenge: to compete together in the great national karaoke contest. This atypical duo, combining Bénédicte's vocal perfection with Fatou's unwavering determination, promises to captivate audiences and demonstrate that second chances can lead to unexpected success.

"Karaoke" explores the power of music, friendship and redemption with humor and sensitivity. This film promises to be a must-see for fans of French comedies, offering a cinematic experience rich in emotion and laughter. The dynamic between the characters, carried by talented actors, ensures a memorable and inspiring show.

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Our review of"Karaoke":

Stéphane Ben Lahcene's film "Karaoké " is a breath of fresh air in today's cinematic landscape, brilliantly fusing the world of opera with the more popular world of karaoke. At the heart of this comedy is Michèle Laroque, playing a famous opera singer whose career takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself having to share her art with "the people", far from the prestigious stages that made her famous. This descent into the underworld, which begins with her dismissal following a drunken outburst and some unfortunate words, marks the start of an initiatory and humorous journey into the heart of France.

The film stands out for its infectious energy and moving sincerity. The meeting between the opera singer and Fatou (Claudia Tagbo), a maid with a passion for karaoke, offers moments of pure comedy, notably during their disastrous first duet on"Aux Champs Elysées", perfectly illustrating the clash of cultures and musical universes. However, this dynamic evolves into a touching harmony, culminating in a memorable rendition of"Dancing Queen" at the French Karaoke Championship, demonstrating that music is a universal language capable of transcending differences.

One of the most remarkable aspects of"Karaoke" is its ability to play with the formal codes of cinema to reinforce its message. Camera movements and varied shots highlight the duality of the worlds the protagonists pass through, while the dominant colors andlighting underline the contrasts between the luxurious life of the opera house and the warm simplicity of karaoke evenings. The direction of the actors is particularly successful, with Michèle Laroque and Claudia Tagbo delivering vibrantly authentic performances, their on-screen complicity adding an extra dimension to their budding friendship.

Beyond its humor and emotion,"Karaoké" has a subtle social message, questioning the place of art in society and the way we view popular culture. The dialogues, peppered with scathing retorts and moments of pure comedy, also serve this purpose, offering a reflection on prejudice and social barriers.

"Karaoke" is a feel-good movie par excellence, which, through the prism of humor and music, speaks of redemption, friendship and the power of art to unite people. Michèle Laroque, already known for her roles in which she mixes genres, notably in"Ténor" with MB14, confirms here her talent as a committed actress, capable of navigating between laughter and emotion with remarkable ease.

In conclusion,"Karaoke" is a touching, deeply human film, echoing both in content and form. It is a light-hearted but unsimplistic reminder that art knows no boundaries, and that social labels are often derisory in the face of the unifying power of music. A hymn to joy, music and humanity, to be discovered without moderation.

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