Festival de Cinéma en plein air 2023 de la Villette: program of free screenings this summer

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The open-air film festival of La Villette returns from July 19 to August 20, 2023 in Paris! On the program: a month of free and open-air film screenings, to be followed while lounging on the great lawn of La Villette. For this new edition, the theme is Team Spirit!

The open-air cinema at La Villette is one of the must-see events of theParisian summer. This year, from July 19 to August 20, 2023, we're once again delighted to be part of this free film festival, where you can (re)discover cinema classics, new films and unexpected nuggets.

Join us from Wednesday to Sunday, on the fresh grass of the La Villette lawn or comfortably seated on a deckchair to enjoy these screenings under the stars! Access to the cinema is free as long as seats are available, and only deckchairs are available at a cost of €7 (€20 for 5), with a blanket included. The theme of this year's festival is "Team Spirit": just the thing to warm us up in the run-up to the 2024 Olympic Games!

The La Villette Film Festival offers a total of over twenty evenings to immerse yourself in the seventh art, while enjoying the mild summer evenings in the capital! Children won't be left out either, with a dedicated program on Saturday July 22 and Sunday July 23, 2023, with the Little Cinéma d'été !

And don't forget the Eté du Canal boat cruises offering guided tours of the Canal de l'Ourq - just before heading out onto the lawn for the giant screen projections.

Programme of films on the Esprit d'Équipe theme at the Festival de cinéma en plein air de la Villette
July 19 to August 20, 2023

Week 1

Wednesday July 19
Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children - Tim Burton - 2016 - 2h03

Thursday, July 20
Parasite - Bong Joon Ho - 2019 - 2h12
Warning: Some scenes may offend young viewers.

Friday, July 21
Le Repas Sunday - Céline Devaux - 2015 - 14 mn
En corps - Cédric Klapisch - 2022 - 1h58

Saturday, July 22
Les Trois brigands - Hayo Freitag - 2007 - 1h19

Sunday, July 23
Some Like It Hot - Billy Wilder - 1959 - 1h56

Week 2

Wednesday, July 26
Antoinette dans les Cévennes - Caroline Vignal - 2020 - 1h37

Thursday, July 27
ARTE does its Karaoke!

Friday, July 28
Tuesday - Charlotte Wells - 2015 - 11 mn
First Cow - Kelly Reichardt - 2021 - 2h01

Saturday, July 29
Les Misérables - Ladj Ly - 2019 - 1h44
Warning: The film's tension is likely to impress a very young audience.

Sunday, July 30
C'est arrivé près de chez vous - Remy Belvaux, André Bonzel and Benoît Poelvoorde - 1992 - 1h32
Forbidden for children under 12

Week 3

Wednesday, August 2nd
Drunk - Thomas Vinterberg - 2021 - 1h57

Thursday, August 3rd
Hors normes - Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache - 2019 - 1h53

Friday, August 4th
Son of the Wolf - Lola Quivoron - 2015 - 23 mn
Dunkirk - Christopher Nolan - 2017 - 1h46

Saturday, August 5th
Les Proies - Sofia Coppola - 2017 - 1h33

Sunday, August 6
When the City Sleeps - John Huston - 1950 - 1h48

The projection screen has unfortunately been damaged by the weather over the past few days.
The technical teams are doing their utmost to repair it as soon as possible. Screenings will resume on Wednesday August 9 (subject to change).

Week 4

Wednesday August 9
La Petite bande - Pierre Salavadori - 2022 - 1h48

Thursday August 10
A Family Affair - Hirokazu Kore-Eda - 2018 - 2h01

Friday, August 11
La Marche de Paris à Brest - Vincent le Port - 2021 - 7 mn
Le Mans 66 - James Mangold - 2019 - 2h33

Saturday, August 12
Top Gun - Tony Scott - 1986 - 1h51 Sunday, August 13
The Magnificent Seven - John Sturges - 1961 - 2h09

Week 5

Wednesday, August 16
Polisse - Maïwenn - 2011 - 2h07
Warning: This film contains scenes that may be difficult for young audiences, for whom it is not primarily intended.

Thursday, August 17
Adolescentes - Sébastien Lifshitz - 2020 - 2h16

Friday, August 18
Mort aux codes - Léopold Legrand - 2018 - 14 mn Public Enemies - Michael Mann - 2009 - 2h20

Saturday, August 19
Ocean's Eleven - Steven Soderbergh - 2002 - 1h57

Sunday, August 20
West Side Story - Steven Spielberg - 2021 - 2h36

And for families:

Little Villette - Visuels 2Little Villette - Visuels 2Little Villette - Visuels 2Little Villette - Visuels 2 Little Cinéma d'été: free film screenings and animations for children this summer in Paris
Free movie screenings and animations to experience with your family? That's what's waiting for you this summer in Paris with Little Cinéma d'été and its program of film screenings for children! See you on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July 2023 at the Little Ciné de la Villette to discover works gathered on the theme of Team Spirit! [Read more]

Inshort, if you're looking for abeautiful canvas under the Paris sky, this is the place to be. Many other festivals will be livening up our summer in Paris. We can't wait!

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From July 19th, 2023 to August 20th, 2023



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