Lock Academy: Professor Lock's detective-style escape game at Les Halles

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on February 28th, 2024 at 04:29 p.m.
Lovers of escape games and Sherlock Holmes at heart, Lock Academy, located in the Châtelet and Les Halles districts of Paris, needs you! This escape game store, which hides a private detective school, faces mysteries that even the most gifted can't solve, and invites you to lead your own investigation to become the best detective... Ready to solve Professor Lock's riddles?

Attentionescape game fans! The Lock Academy, escape game brand and mysterious detective school, whose two establishments are located on rue Coquillière (1st) and boulevard Sébastopol (2nd), is encountering numerous problems and is the scene of exceptional events putting budding detectives to the test: thefts, assaults, disappearances, and even crimes!

All these mysteries have prompted Professor Lock, founder of the academy, to call in teams of outside investigators, in the hope of finding out what's going on at the school. The best detectives take it in turns to tackle three mysteries, in teams of 3 to 6 players. The rooms are also available in English, to suit French and foreign players visiting the capital or joining a bilingual team.

For each investigation, the apprentice detectives have one hour to solve the mystery in the Lock Academy rooms. And even if they don't reveal much, the Lock Academy rooms are full of secrets, each more unpredictable than the last: hidden passageways, special effects, connected objects with astonishing powers... If you're a Sherlock Holmes at heart, it's high time you tackled the mysteries of Lock Academy with friends, colleagues or even the whole family (with children over 8!).

A total of 7 rooms await you at Lock Academy:


Professor Lock has no news of Lock Academy's most talented student: his only daughter, Cher. His daughter was involved in a major investigation, and it's up to you and your team to find her safe and sound! In this investigation, you'll have to face a lot of logic, to find out what happened to her daughter Cher Lock. For an hour, we're locked in her room, discovering her biggest secrets, her school results, her loves, and her personal investigations...


Lock Academy is stunned. Last night, Sir Doyle, the school's dean and Professor Lock's mentor, was murdered in his own office. Who killed this living legend of the academy? In this investigation, the most inquisitive will be delighted, as there's plenty of digging and suspense. For an hour, we're locked in the office of Sir Doyle, Professor Lock's mentor, but beware, appearances can be deceptive.

Panic in the corridors of Lock Academy! THE great detective guide has disappeared! Written by famous investigators, it's packed with tips on how to pull off the perfect crime... It's imperative to find it as quickly as possible.

Escape game : vivez votre moment Ocean's Eleven avec Le Casse du Siècle chez Lock AcademyEscape game : vivez votre moment Ocean's Eleven avec Le Casse du Siècle chez Lock AcademyEscape game : vivez votre moment Ocean's Eleven avec Le Casse du Siècle chez Lock AcademyEscape game : vivez votre moment Ocean's Eleven avec Le Casse du Siècle chez Lock Academy

  • REVOLT AT THE LOCK (Sébastopol)

Is Lock Academy about to go over to the dark side and become THE new hangout for criminals the world over? It seems so: its founder, the brilliant Professor Lock, has decided to sell the detective academy to his worst enemy, the criminal Jim Key. Key is to Professor Lock what Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes: a brilliant adversary with ever more Machiavellian plans! For the students, it's time for the Lock Revolt! Dear adventurous detectives, your mission will be to discover what's behind this dangerous sale for the balance of the world, and prevent it from becoming a reality.

  • L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (Sebastopol)

Ready for a Mission Impossible?! The Lock Academy's sworn enemy, the diabolical Jim Key, has found a way to take control of the detective school and trap the best students - that's you! Feeling like a budding Ethan Hunt or James Bond? To save yourself and the academy, get ready to perform a miracle. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to enter the most secure room in Paris, the Lock Academy's Archive Room. But once inside, you'll have to move fast! Time is limited if you are to steal a top-secret document. Its code name: the L.A Confidential file.

Think you're the best detective in the business? Has your team of friends, colleagues or family developed unsuspected investigative talents? Prove it! Lock Academy is launching a competition to select the most gifted among you! The exam you're about to take is unique in the world. During this test, you'll be confronted by E.V.A. (Examinatrice Virtuelle Autogérée), the brand-new Artificial Intelligence system recently installed in our prestigious school. Get ready for an experience on the frontiers of science fiction, where your team spirit will be put to the test...

So, will you be stronger than the best Lock Academy students?

Practical information


25 Rue Coquillière
75001 Paris 1

M°1, 4, 7, 11, 14 Châtelet-les-Halles

Par joueur, équipe de 6 joueurs: €28
Par joueur, équipe de 5 joueurs: €30
Par joueur, équipe de 4 joueurs: €33
Par joueur, équipe de 3 joueurs: €38
Par joueur, équipe de 2 joueurs: €55

Recommended age
From 9 years old

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More information
Open 7 days a week, sessions from 10am to midnight.

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