Star Wars Eclipse: no game over in the game, according to Quantic Dream

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on September 26th, 2023 at 01:45 p.m.
More news on Star Wars Eclipse! At the Tokyo Game Show, Quantic Dream's Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Pendse, revealed some new information about the game to IGN. According to her, there will be no game over in the game, indicating that "anyone can die, anything can happen...". Here's where we stand!

Star Wars Eclipse finally shows its face... On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show, Quantic Dream revealed a few bits of information to ourIGN colleagues concerning the gameplay of the game from the galaxy far, far away. And the news is rather interesting...

Star Wars Eclipse trailer:

So, according to Lisa Pendse, vice-president of marketing at Quantic Dreams, Star Wars Eclipse will feature"narratives with complex twists and turns", as well as the possibility of"playing the role of different characters". Another important piece of information is that"there will be no game over", confirms Lisa Pendse, indicating that"anyone can die, anything can happen and the story continues so that the key elements of the game are always there".

A game about which we had very little information until now... Previously, Quantic Dreams had leaked other information, as former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty explained on the Sacred Symbols podcast on October 24, 2022. And with good reason: he indicated that he had learned a great deal of exclusive information about the game... which the French studio let him reveal to the general public. This information was confirmed by another journalist, Tom Henderson, who added a few details, as explained by our colleagues at journaldugeek:"The script is written by the studio's Parisian teams, with a strong influence from David Cage", as our colleagues put it. The game is said to be barely in production, for release in 3 to 4 years' time, if not longer.

What is this exclusive information? The game would introduce a new alien race, and follow the history of the Zaaran Empire, ruled by this humanoid race. More specifically, we'll be following the story of Sarah, and her moral battle with the person with whom she shares her life.

The first trailer revealed a few details, starting with the era in which the game will be set. This trailer tells us that the story will take place during the era of the High Republic (i.e. episodes 1 to 3 of the saga in the cinema). According to these images, we should be able to visit Coruscant and the Jedi Temple, as well as one of the ships of the Trade Federation.

Star Wars Eclipse : bande-annonce pour le jeu signé Quantic Dream au Game AwardStar Wars Eclipse : bande-annonce pour le jeu signé Quantic Dream au Game AwardStar Wars Eclipse : bande-annonce pour le jeu signé Quantic Dream au Game AwardStar Wars Eclipse : bande-annonce pour le jeu signé Quantic Dream au Game Award

As for the game's mechanics, there's no hint of what Quantic Dream is up to, but for those familiar with the French development studio's work, we can expect mechanics similar to Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls or Detroit : Become Human. In fact, according to jeuxvidéo. com (and, more importantly, the official website), the game may well take this very path. A unique experience for a Star Wars game, in short, which should please fans all the more. All that remains is to find out more at a presentation. In any case, we can't wait!

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