Rise of the Ronin: our review of Sony's samurai-inspired open-world game

Published by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Published on May 10th, 2024 at 12:02 p.m.
A new era dawns in Japan: forge your destiny in this chaotic world, with the open-world action-adventure game, Rise of the Ronin. Available on PS5 from March 22, 2024. Discover the new trailer, unveiled at the PlayStation State of Play conference!

Ever since its announcement at the State of Play in September 2022, this game has only piqued our curiosity. An open-world action-adventure set in 19th-century Japan and inspired by the samurai... It's got it all! PlayStation and Team Ninja unveil Rise of the Ronin, a game exclusively for the PS5, released on March 22, 2024. And because Sony loves gamers, they offered up a new gameplay trailer on a platter, at a State of Play event held on January 31.

Rise of the Ronin Game Awards trailer:

Rise of the Ronin synopsis:

" Japan, 1863. After three centuries of oppressive rule, the Tokugawa shogunate is nearing its end when the sudden arrival of Western black ships plunges the country into confusion. At the heart of a country in chaos and division, an anonymous fighter sets out to forge his own path and, in the process, influence the destiny of Japan."

We take on the role of a masterless samurai, in search of his destiny in this rapidly changing world. We roam at will in this rustic Japan, fighting enemies who stand in our way. Different weapons are at our disposal, adapted to the fighting styles of each player.

Rise of the Ronin should offer an interesting and unique story: depending on the choices you make, the characters you kill or spare, your destiny can change. The scenario, with its multiple-choice key moments, offers several alternative options. What decisions will you make in this world where everything changes, where all futures are possible?

Our review of Rise of the Ronin:

Tested on PS5, 60% complete.

We played Rise of the Ronin on PS5. On the whole, this title from Sony Interactive Entertainment delivers on its promises. The game looks great, the immersion in the samurai universe is well done, and character customization is pleasant. The story is interesting, even if it can be frustrating for fans of the genre.

In detail, character creation is fairly complete, allowing you to create a stronger bond with your avatar, since you've chosen him down to the last detail.

The introduction can be a little confusing: it doesn't represent the rest of the game, but it does a good job of laying the groundwork for the story. Beware: during these first chapters, you quickly come up against a wall of difficulty that can discourage you. You have to persevere, despite the numerous deaths, to get over this barrier and access the full richness of this title.

The open world (when you finally get to it) is vast and intriguing. However, like any open world, it can get in the way of story progression: it's easy to get lost in it, and to be led astray by side quests and side activities. But don't think you can ignore these quests: they're essential for gaining experience, skills and strength. You won't last long against enemies without these hours of practice.

Indeed, there's no speedrun here: you need to take the time to enjoy Rise of the Ronin. Even on the easy level (which we shamelessly chose in order to enjoy the game), failure is part of the progression. In fact, the first few levels are particularly difficult to get through until you've mastered your weapons. The gameplay is simple to grasp, but a good grasp of strategy and the various combat techniques is required to win. And this mastery is not acquired in just one hour of play...

The combat is very well thought-out and executed. This is one of the game's great strengths: they require skill and talent, and are all the more satisfying in that they aren't won just by spamming a key.

Weak points also exist: the world map is gigantic, but not very populated. Exploration phases can drag on. The inventory, too, seems endless: it can be very frustrating to find items collected in this lengthy menu...

Patience and determination are the watchwords of this game. Rise of the Ronin is a very good PS5 title, and should provide players with an interesting challenge.

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