Atout Branches, the tree-climbing course in Milly-la-Forêt (91)

Published by Margot de Sortiraparis, Julie de Sortiraparis · Published on February 17th, 2024 at 08:24 a.m.
Atout Branches is the accrobranche course located in Milly-la-Forêt, in the Essonne department. In the heart of the countryside, you'll have fun moving from tree to tree on a course combining thrills and balance. A progressive course that takes you from the easiest to the most difficult circuit at your own pace, to be tested from April 1, 2024 after a winter closure.

In theFrench Gâtinais regional park, less than an hour from Paris, the Milly-la-Forêt accrobranche park welcomes you to the Essonne département as soon as the fine weather returns! This year, the park is due to reopen on April 1, 2024, so you and your family or friends can explore the 11 courses of all levels, accessible from the age of 2.

The little ones will love the Colibri course with its zip lines for a gentle introduction to accrobranche from age 2, while the big kids can challenge themselves with courses up to 15 metres high! The little surprise at the end of the most challenging courses is Tarzan's big free-fall jump. For maximum safety, all the courses are on a continuous lifeline, meaning you don't have to unhook your karabiners all the time, no, you stay hooked from start to finish.

On the program:

Courses for 2 - 7 year-olds:

  • Circuit Piccolo: Close to the ground, obstacles to overcome and balancing situations for apprentice adventurers.
    Accessible for ages 2 to 5.
  • Circuit Colibri: A series of zip lines for the very young
    Accessible from 2 to 7 years.

  • Circuit Koala: Awaken your senses and your inner adventurer. This introductory course, about 1 metre high, will give you the agility you need to continue the adventure on subsequent courses. Parents can help you along the way.
    Accessible for ages 3 to 7.
  • Circuit Oustiti: With a height of 3 to 4 meters, this circuit is a real challenge for children aged 4 to 6. High obstacles to develop concentration and balance.
    Recommended age: from 4 years
    Height required: 1m
Courses from 7 years to adults:
  • Circuit Vert: From 3 to 5 meters off the ground, this circuit is designed for everyone looking for new sensations. From adult novices to young adventurers, there's something for everyone.
    From age 7, height required: 1m20
  • Yellow Circuit: Up to 5 meters high, this circuit is fun and a little more challenging than the green circuit. It will put your balance skills to the test.
    From age 7, height required: 1m20
  • Circuit Bleu: Up to 6 meters high, this circuit is more acrobatic than the green and yellow ones. A good warm-up before tackling the red circuit.
    Height required: 1.30 m
  • Red circuit: From 4 to 11 meters high, a variety of aerial passages guarantee a thrill. A shortcut in the middle lets you choose between the long or short circuit.
    Height required: 1m40
  • Circuit Noir: Only the most daring will dare to take on the black circuit, where your balance and ability to overcome your fear of heights will be put to the test. You'll be rewarded with more great zip lines and a free-fall jump to finish.
    minimum age 15 and height requirement: 1m50
  • Circuit Ebène: A short circuit, but one that will require a lot of arm strength. More thrills to finish with an impressive Tarzan jump.
    Minimum age 15 and height requirement: 1m60
  • Circuit Panoramique: 100% Tyrolean traverse, the highest circuit on the course, with an 18-metre perch and a series of 8 Tyrolean traverses over the park.
    Size required: 1m40 (access possible for children 1m30 supervised by 2 adults)
  • Vertijump: An attraction separate from the course. Climb to a height of 12 metres and free-fall several metres. Dare to jump?

In addition to all-day sessions on the manyAtout Branches courses, the park also offers nocturnal sessions, for even more thrills and tree-climbing fun after dark, using a headlamp to find your way. By the way, Atout Branches is not just a tree-climbing course! The park offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities, includingrock climbing, a treasure hunt, a nature escape game, a laser game and a Mystère Adventure (escape game on tablets).

Throughout the year, various family events linked to the current calendar are celebrated at the accrobranches park. We look forward to seeing you on
  • April 1: Easter. Treat your children to a pony ride in the park. Make-up is also available.
    Meet at the park reception chalet.
  • May 1: Labor DayEveryfamily can pick a few sprigs of lily of the valley in a designated area of the park and take them home with them.
    Meet at the park reception chalet.
  • Nocturnes: Friday May 17/ Friday June 14/ Sunday July 14/ Friday August 30/ Friday September 13
  • May 26: Mother's Day. A free drink (excluding alcohol) or crêpe for a mother coming with her family of at least 3.
    Meet at the park reception chalet.
  • June 16: Father's Day. A free drink (non-alcoholic) or crêpe for a father who comes with his family of at least 3.
    Meet at the park reception chalet.
  • July 14: Bastille Day. Come dressed in red, white and blue for a free crêpe. Nocturne also planned.
  • October 6: Grandparents' Day. A free drink (excluding alcohol) or crêpe for grandparents accompanying a child taking part in an activity (just say the password ATOUT GRANDS PARENTS at the cash desk).
  • October 13: Pink October. All women over 15 wearing pink clothing receive a free drink or pancake. (You need to say the password ATOUT ROSE at the checkout).
  • October 19 to November 03: Halloween Information to come.

Seeds of adventure will try out the Piccolo course, and apprentice adventurers will go it alone on the marmoset circuit with automatic safety. And don't forget your camera - we've got some great memories in store!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From April 1st, 2024 to November 3rd, 2024

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    Atout Branches
    91490 Milly la Foret

    Pitchoune 2 à 4 ans: €12
    Bambin 4 à 7 ans: €17
    Enfant dès 7 ans et 1m20: €19
    Junior de 10 à 14 ans et + 1m40: €21
    Adulte + 15 ans tous parcours: €26
    Nocturne: €28

    Official website

    06 72 46 86 44

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