A la table des mousquetaires exhibition: History and gastronomy meet at the Château de Vincennes

Published by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Photos by My de Sortiraparis · Published on February 26th, 2024 at 10:40 p.m.
Discover the gastronomic habits and customs of France in the Grand siècle, with the exhibition A la table des mousquetaires, at the Château de Vincennes from April 24 to July 10, 2024.

Films and novels lead us to believe that the life of the Musketeers was epic and romantic. These invented stories sometimes give us a false idea of the daily life of the king's soldiers, and of the people who lived during this period. To find out more about the Grand Siècle, and more specifically about the art of the table, and the art of dress in the 17th century, the musketeers invite us to their table, to talk history and customs.

The Château de Vincennes presents a brand-new exhibition that promises to be fascinating. From April 24 to July 10, 2024, discover A la table des mousquetaires.

The former royal residence once played host to the real D'Artagnan, charged with escorting and protecting Nicolas Fouquet, or the young Louis XIV. It was in this past that the monument found the inspiration for this exhibition. In a theatrical scenography, we discover five tables, and a dozen period costumes, notably reconstituted thanks to various paintings.

Each table reveals the gastronomic and social habits of 17th-century society.Inn table, Gascon musketeer dinner, royal table... Each part has its own specificities, its own dishes, its own more or less precious utensils, depending on who is invited to eat. The workers who lunch at the inn won't use the same silverware or taste the same wines as Milady!

The food and costumes tell a different story of this page in France's history, providing a better understanding of the different social classes.

An exhibition that should enthrall lovers of Frenchhistory and gastronomy!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From April 24th, 2024 to July 10th, 2024

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    Avenue de Paris
    94300 Vincennes

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    Moins de 26 ans: Free
    Tarif réduit: €11.5
    Plein tarif: €13

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