Faisons corps: the free exhibition exploring intimacy at the Maif Social Club unveiled

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Published by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Photos by Lucas de Sortiraparis · Published on March 27th, 2024 at 01:39 p.m.
The Maif Social Club is organizing a group exhibition on the body, intimacy and identity. From March 30, 2024 to January 4, 2025, visit Faisons corps free of charge.

The body is an ambivalent entity: it is both highly personal and the symbol of a community. It is intimate, political, religious, scientific, social, it defines an individual or an entire people... The Maif Social Club has invited fifteencontemporary artists to talk to us about these bodies and what they represent.

From March 30, 2024 to January 4, 2025, the cultural center presents thefree exhibition Faisons corps. Divided into different chapters, the exhibition explores the many subjects that touch our bodies, through paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs...

Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5411Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5411Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5411Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5411

The body is a natural, scientific entity. It is the product of billions of years of evolution, a link that brings us closer to our ancestors, recent or distant. It is a mystery that is revealed more and more each day to the eyes of scientists, a machine that a grain of sand can derail. Artists are interested in the physical and mental health of these envelopes that house our consciousness, that palpable element that forms the human being.

The body is a highly sophisticated machine, moving in space and interacting with its environment. Movements, colors and sounds can change our body, and the way it is perceived. Inart, as in sport, the body is a formidable tool for revealing oneself, communicating and creating links with others.

The body is unique: each of us has particularities, more or less hidden. Handicaps can change the way we look at a person, imposing a different relationship to everyday life and to society. To change the way people view disability, and recreate links between people, the artists highlight these different bodies, and the prostheses and objects that support the disabled.

Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5416Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5416Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5416Exposition Faisons Corps - IMG 5416

The body is a symbol. By connecting with and adding to the bodies of others, it becomes a group, a community that faces many challenges. Migrants, precarious workers, health and women's rights, the dangers of climate change: the body must be defended and protected.

Along the way, we come across a wide variety of works, some surprising, some moving, some shocking. These creations challenge us to reconsider our relationship with the body, with image, with what we think of as beautiful, healthy or normal.

From its most fundamental and natural part, to the societal challenges of the present, via intimate or collective identity, the body constantly inspires artists. Discover Maif Social Club's fascinating exhibition.

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Dates and Opening Time
From March 30th, 2024 to January 4th, 2025



    37 Rue de Turenne
    75003 Paris 3


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