"Free vol", a new exhibition by artist CEET Fouad at Rose Studio Art Gallery

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Published by Communiqué Sponsorisé · Published on April 11th, 2024 at 05:32 p.m.
Rose Studio Art Gallery presents the second solo show by graffiti artist CEET Fouad. From April 25 to 28, come and discover "les chicanos", the colorful little chickens that populate CEET's universe. The artist will be present at the vernissage to sign his latest work, "LOS". It's sure to be an emotional evening!

CEET Fouad is a renowned street artist, lighting up urban spaces with his vibrant works, marked by the emblematic presence of his "Chicanos", the little chickens he uses all over the world. CEET has developed a universal artistic language, rooted in Street-Art culture and enriched by his travels and artistic collaborations.

When CEET discovered Shenzhen, China's fourth-largest city, in 2002, he didn't speak a word of Chinese.

"Very few Chinese spoke English, unlike today, and when the Chinese can't understand you, they shut down and run away. Every trip into town was a mission!"

So CEET takes out his pencil.

"I would draw what I wanted to ask, and when I was looking for a diner, I would draw a mouth and an arrow, which showed a plump little chicken."

It's from this little drawing, a sketch, that the "Chicanos" were born, the little chickens that CEET now creates in thousands of canvases, sculptures and monumental frescoes around the world.

You can also view the works on the Rose Studio Art Gallery website.

Rose Studio Art Gallery has been a proud supporter of CEET since its inception, celebrating a relationship with the artist and his unique work. Director Claire Thibaud-Piton explains the gallery's DNA:

I'm a nomadic gallery owner, like the Mongols, and in love with Asia. I bring artists' expressions to life as my family travels. I learn a lot from them, then I guide them and finally, I stage them in cooperative art projects in cities, with established French or European artists. I exhibit them either in partner galleries, at international art fairs or in my gallery in Paris: Rose Studio Art Gallery. Their frescoes adorn the walls of cities in Southeast Asia and Europe, offering an international ambition to local artists."

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From April 25th, 2024 to April 28th, 2024

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    LOCATION114 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris - Métro Fille du CalvaireHORAIRESThursday April 25, 2024 10am - 7pm Friday April 26, 2024 11am - 5pm Saturday April 27, 2024 / 10am - 7pm Sunday April 28, 2024 / 10am - 7pm Vernissage Friday 5pm - 10pm

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