Les Belles Envies, the sugar-free pastry shop and chocolate factory

Les Belles Envies is the new sugar-free pastry shop that opened rue Monge in Paris 5th arrondissement. A pastry shop with a low glycemic index that offers cakes, chocolates and a delicatessen corner. A perfect option if you’re diabetic or if you try to stay in shape or be healthy. Let’s treat ourselves!

You won’t believe your taste buds! At Les Belles Envies, located rue Monge, you can taste pastries, chocolates and biscuits that are almost sugar-free… Yes, it’s possible! I can hear you say “Ok, they just replaced sugar with honey and voilà!”. Not at all, friends! At Les Belles Envies, pastries and chocolates are specifically created to get a very low glycemic index, 60% lower than a regular pastry. Coconut flower sugar for pastries and maltitol for chocolates are the key ingredients.

You may not know it, but sugar is not the only factor raising your sugar level. Refined white flours have a glycemic index almost as high as sugar. So, at Les Belles Envies, you won’t find any of these flours. Wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flours of various kinds are used so that the glycemic load is lower thanks to fibers. Every ingredient used in pastries has been thoroughly selected to answer strict and rigorous specifications.

We owe Alixe Bornon this beautiful initiative. Diabetic since she was 13, because of her illness, she was tired of not being allowed to taste delicious desserts and other pastries… Doctor Jean-Michel Borys who dreamt of prescribing pastries and chocolates to his diabetic patients and she joined forces. They were joined by chef Louis Taine who is a pastry chef and a chocolate maker for 10 years and the three of them are a winning trio always looking for savor, flavor and guaranteeing an always low glycemic index.

Indeed, you should know that all products of the boutique are tested to guarantee a 15 to 20 glycemic index whereas a regular pastry reaches 70 to 80. No sugar, aspartame, stevia or other chemical sweetener is added.

Les Belles Envies, la Pâtisserie sans sucre à Paris

Among the best-of, there is the lemon pie. Generally very high in sugar because of the sour taste of lemon that needs to be softened, this version is just as tasty. Sour and light, we love it!

Another success is the Chocolate Finger that has a big asset: it’s gluten-free (if you are gluten-intolerant, this is your go-to pastry!). Get your cake, have a seat at the counter and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea.

Les Belles Envies, la Pâtisserie sans sucre à Paris

You will also die for the coconut biscuit that is also gluten-free and of an exquisite freshness. The cake perfectly blends a biscuit, a coconut ganache and a vanilla-infused pineapple heart enhanced with lime zests.

Les Belles Envies, la Pâtisserie sans sucre à Paris

A new recipe is tested every week. You can not only treat yourself but also try various delicacies. Let’s be clear, it’s not because the glycemic index is low that you should stuff your face with four cakes at the same time… It’s first and foremost the occasion to treat yourself once in a while, to eat a delicious dessert with your friends and not feeling guilty.

The place is also a temple dedicated to sugar-free chocolate. We love the creations as tasty as elegant, looking like sculptures such as these windmills or this chocolate pencil holder. Chocolate bars galore and a nice range of chocolate bonbons are laying before your eyes. It’s time to get your refill and to buy pretty gift sets. We have a special mention to the incredible raspberry-violet chocolate. Green tea-mint, orange and Sancho pepper or the simple Bourbon vanilla, the hardest thing is to stop…

Les Belles Envies, la Pâtisserie sans sucre à Paris

Add to this the delicatessen corner displaying chocolate spread, chocolate bars and travel-sized cakes, and here we are, the happiest people on Earth! A second store is about to open 17 rue Poncelet in Paris 17th arrondissement. Opening planned on May 20.

Discover the place:

Whether you’re simply trying to eat healthy or you’re diabetic type 1 or 2, come and treat yourself in this atypical and gourmet place!

Practical information:
Les Belles Envies (website in French)
3 rue Monge, 75005 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Small pastries from €5 to €6.5 and bigger pastries to share from €16 to €38

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Last updated on 19 April 2017

Practical information


3 Rue Monge
75005 Paris 5

pâtisserie: 5-6 €
grands gâteaux: 16-38 €

Recommended age
For all

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