Tartine, the bakery with ancient flours and quality products

Tartine is the new bakery-restaurant that offers you to re-discover the true taste of ancient flours and their qualities. True tasty and selected and organic products, breads with ancestral flours transformed with an Astrié stone grinder to keep the best of it and a completely rethought artisanal fabrication, here’s to offer you the best in your plate.

What if we return to the bread basics? I’m not talking about the perfect baguette with a honeycombed crumb and a crispy crust, I’m speaking about a true good bread baked in respect with the raw material, without adding gluten, yeast or additives. Breads and other baker’s products that are based on modern flours excluding excessively genetically-modified wheat to give the best possible yield.

At the time where everyone wonders about what is in their plates, bread and flours especially are pointed out. Studies tend to show that modern wheats, including way too much gluten and other additives, could be at the origin of digestive disorders and could cause or worsen autoimmune diseases that took years to emerge. To prevent from these troubles or intolerances, a large number of people go for a gluten-free diet, but what if we took the opposing view of mass industrialization and we came back to the bread baking of our ancestors with natural flours?

Eric Delagarde and Pierre André Segura can’t say they went by the traditional bakery business. With their bakery Graine de Créateurs, they won the best “Tradition” baguette prize in the 92nd department as well as best farmhouse bread and best croissant. That is to say they know their techniques and know-how.

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But these two passionate bakers, always looking for the best for their customers, did some soul-searching. Constantly self-trained and helped by nutritionists, they’ve decided to entirely think over the way they worked. Coming back to natural, typed and nourishing bread that is as digest as possible, here’s the ambition and the watchword at Tartine.

Tartine, la boulangerie-resto aux farines anciennes et produits sains

How do they do that, you’d ask me? To make it possible, they’ve sourced all the ingredients they need to bake their breads. In terms of flours, they use rye, einkorn, buckwheat, Khorasan wheat or ancient wheats. Ancestral flours that originally include very low gluten.

Tartine, la boulangerie-resto aux farines anciennes et produits sains

Organic flours, of course, from Michel Carol Patin (farmer-miller) that have the particularity of being grinded with an Astrié stone grinder. A small-sized grinder enabling to preserve a maximum of the nutrient quality and minerals. Because yes, even the way you make the flour has a role to play in the quality of your diet!

Then comes the baking. I’m sure you know that everything has been thought over. When one forgets about yeast and other additives, one only works with rye or einkorn sourdough starter, it completely changes the way the bread is worked. Good riddance to kneading galore to make the dough elastic, at Tartine, they softly knead the bread with reverse osmosis-purified water and the sourdough starter has time to work its magic. A little bit of sourdough starter, a soft kneading and lots of patience, here’s the recipe to have Tartine delicious bread.

Tartine, la boulangerie-resto aux farines anciennes et produits sains

When it’s time to taste it, don’t be surprised if they taste more compact than usual, it’s normal for natural breads. But, what a delight! And you’ll be full in the blink of an eye. We discover tastes we didn’t know, breads that are not too sour and that you can keep for a while.

But careful though, Tartine isn’t only about breads! It also has cakes, brioches, salads and hearty sandwiches based on quality ingredients. At Tartine, refined aliments such as white sugar that only brings empty calories are avoided to replace them with maple syrup or whole cane sugar bringing more nutrients.

Tartine, la boulangerie-resto aux farines anciennes et produits sains

Organic fruits and vegetables, certified eggs and checked on the spot, everything is traceable, you can know everything about what you eat. You can also enjoy fresh fruit juices squeezed on order, and a beautiful selection of organic teas and coffees.

Among the choices available, go for the Tartine Sécale based on rye bread; smoked salmon, coleslaw with horse radish and leek germinated grains that show the richness and the particularity of this cereal with sour and spicy flavors, or go for the delicious Tartine Khorosan based on toasted Khorasan bread, tuna, wasabi-mayonnaise, daikon, avocado, black seaweeds that perfectly pair with the slightly sweet flavors and the hazelnut taste of the cereal. Unless the vegan version makes you happy.

Tartine, la boulangerie-resto aux farines anciennes et produits sains

In terms of menu, they go from €8.50 to €13.50 which remains very affordable for healthy and fresh products. You can take away or comfortably seat with your tray at one of the tables available, the perfect place to have lunch or a sweet break.

Tartine, la boulangerie-resto aux farines anciennes et produits sains

In other words, what if you go there and make up your own mind?

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Last updated on 23 June 2018

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54 Rue d'Amsterdam
75009 Paris 9

Métro Liege

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