Pullman Bercy presents the best breakfast in Paris

Elected France’s best breakfast by Trivago travelers, Pullman Bercy’s breakfast features everything to seduce the most demanding gourmets among us. Choice, quality, organic, sweet and savory, you’ll be delighted!

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. But for Pullman Bercy, it’s above all the last image a client will keep of a hotel. And as it often is the only meal we have at a hotel, it’s given a special care.

You may have heard of the restaurant located within Pullman Bercy and a stone’s throw from Bercy Village, L’Esprit du 12e, for its excellent Sunday’s family Brunch since it followed the instructions to the letter and did everything to do it. So much that Trivago travelers elected it France’s best breakfast.

Whether you are just stopping by the hotel or willing to discover an exceptional breakfast, the rich and various offer of the restaurant will delight your taste buds. Sortiraparis had the chance to discover this brekkie and here is what happened.

For the breakfast offer, Pullman Bercy opted for an open buffet which is quite a rare thing in Paris. No need to cluster at one place since there are various poles to provide you with sustenance.

Fresh fruits pole. Pullman Bercy offers you seasonal fruits and for this period, citrus fruits and exotic fruits were everywhere.

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Organic and gluten-free pole. Carrot cake, gluten-free bread, cereals, walnuts and organic eggs were served on that day.

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Asian pole with exotic courses. If rice, soup and protein dishes were abundant we tasted an excellent green curry chicken.

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Cooked and warm courses pole. Vegetables, starchy foods, scrambled eggs and sausages, nothing lacks!

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Chopped fruits, cold cuts and dairy products pole. We discovered a juice extractor for fresh fruit juice made on order and cheese galore.

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

In the middle of the room, you’ll find a huge range of breads and viennoiseries (most of them come from Maison Kayser). At the end of the table, you can even reheat your pancakes and crepes.

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

Le Petit-déjeuner du Pullman Bercy

In short, you understood it, friends, if you want to treat yourself and leave in the morning for a very busy day around Paris, go and have a very tasty breakfast at Pullman Bercy before doing anything else.

Practical information:
L’Esprit du 12e at Pullman Bercy
Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and until 11 a.m. in the weekend
Rates: €26 per adult / free for people under 6

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Last updated on 30 January 2017

Practical information


1 Rue de Libourne
75012 Paris 12

Métro 14 : Cour St Emilion

-6 ans: Free
adultes: 26 €

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