Le Pré Verre: a fresh restaurant in Paris

Le Pré Verre is a poetic restaurant that pays homage to French poet Jacques Prévert and perfect to catch a breath of fresh air during the hot summer days and for good reason since the menu is fresh in every sense of the word.

On the walls, Jacques Prévert’s verses. In the glass: authors’ wines. Welcome to Le Pré Verre.  Since its creation back in 2003 by brothers Delacourcelle, this restaurant is famous in the landscape of Parisian bistronomy. Jean-François Paris bought Le Pré Verre in February 2013. This latter managed to keep the spirit of the place while giving a second breath.

La carte estival du Pré Verre

Even better, with Jean-François Paris at the helm, the cuisine served in this restaurant reaches new heights. From now on, everything is homemade. Priority is given to organic products in terms of vegetables and wines. As for recipes, the seasonal menu makes the place a true oasis where we can pleasantly find a fresh spot to cool off and fulfil our taste buds. Oenophiles will be seduced by the many wine references present on the list. But for novices, they can trust Jean-François Paris and his young team to find the perfect wine pairing.


La carte estival du Pré Verre

As a starter, you can’t resist the burrata and its pesto sauce served with marinated bell peppers. Yet, the cauliflower panna cotta could compete with the previous starter. We must say that the very gooey artichokes and its sorrel sorbet are worth it. A very pleasant surprise that will delight lovers of sweet and savory dishes.

La carte estival du Pré Verre

For the record, Jean-François Paris and chef Benjamin Lubin also kept the two recipes that made the success of Le Pré Verre. The pork’s head paté and purée of dates with vinegar sauce among the starters and the suckling pork with sweet spices and crunchy cabbage among the emblematic dishes. They have been on the menu for 13 years and are not likely to be off. Another dish that you definitely should taste is the hake, French beans, mangetout and peach with a shallot cream. the whole is served with balsamic vinegar foam. You should be aware that the portions are huge!

La carte estival du Pré Verre

How could we end the meal as it should be? Well, you can rely on the dessert menu to make you hesitate. For the chocolate lovers, the decision can be rather simple: what a waste it would be to miss the dark chocolate truffade and its coffee-flavored molasse ice cream served with tiny meringues! For the others, the choice is a conflict of love and duty. We advise you the strawberry and parsley served with a… parsley ice cream! If you chose the panna cotta as a starter, this would be perfect. End your meal as it started: with flavors and freshness.

La carte estival du Pré Verre

Practical information:
Le Pré Verre 
Open from Tuesday to Saturday
From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
8 rue Thénard, 75005 Paris

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Last updated on 21 June 2017

Practical information


8, rue Thénard
75005 Paris 5

Menu entrée + plat: 26 €
Menu entrée + plat + dessert: 33 €

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