PH7 Equilibre, the healthy and organic eatery in Paris 3rd arrondissement

PH7 Equilibre opens a second restaurant in Boulevard du Temple, Paris 3rd arrondissement. Are you looking for a nice, healthy, balanced, organic, vegan and tasty eatery? You’ve just found your spot. We tried it, and here’s what we think.

Following its success in 2015 by opening the first PH7 Equilibre in Paris 9th arrondissement, the team has a new and more ambitious challenge, and this late January, they opened their new canteen in the 3rd arrondissement. Still with the lovely and floral decorum that’s the image of the team, this new restaurant is welcoming and even more spacious.

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

For the record, the restaurant concept relies on acid-base balance. Acid-base balance is the balance between the body acidity and alkalinity. The body is mainly influenced by food and each nutrient can be organized according if it’s acid or base.

Acid-base balance relies on the fact that a too-high rate of acidity in our blood could be the source of many ills health (fatigue, osteoporosis, high blood pressure…). It aims at limiting acidifying nutrients and regularly eating alkalinizing food. Which translates into limiting acidifying food such as meat, dairies or cereals and prefer fruits and vegetables, spices and food rich in potassium.

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

In short, whether you’re a fan of this concept or not, PH7 Equilibre offers you the possibility to eat healthy, organic and vegetarian (vegan at 90%). Varied, seasonal plates high in vitamins that prevent you from feeling suddenly tired after eating carbs, that’s seducing. Well, we love it. We try everything, we mix hot and cold, we eat various food, the whole seasoned with spices and other condiments, how great is this?

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

Let’s start with accompanying our bowl or plate with a cold squeezed juice based on celery, fennel, parsley, cucumber, lemon, pineapple and fresh turmeric with a supplement pollen or spirulina if you want to. Or go for the daily juice, which is what we took. A happy blend with apple, pineapple, orange and ginger. My partner in crime went for the daily soup based on butternut, parsnip, ginger, sweet potato and coconut milk, what a delight!

In terms of main course, we had the choice between the Buddha Bowls, the Alcaline plate with 1 extra preparation of the day, the PH7 with 2 extra preparations or the Grande Soupe Energisante that combines soup, yellow rice or polenta and leguminous plants. We chose to taste the Buddha Bowl and a PH7 main.

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

The Buddha Bowl is made of 3 raw veggies (carrots with cumin, red cabbage, celery/parsnip/sweet potato), yellow rice Indian Style, polenta and chili. To this, you add a preparation of the day such as the kohlrabi gratin.

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

The PH7 is truly the most complete plate if you’re hungry. It combines 2 preparations, 3 raw veggies (celery/parsnip/sweet potato, beetroot, zucchini/radish, dill), yellow rice, quinoa/rice, polenta, leguminous plants of the day and 2 cooked veggies. With all this, your belly will be full for the rest of the day without feeling too heavy. We love the flavor combinations, the freshness of the products and the diversity.

PH7 Equilibre dans le 3e arrondissement

We sweetly finish with light and gourmet desserts. Chocolate mousse, coconut milk panna cotta and fruit coulis, sweet potato and lemon cream or the gluten-free carrot cake are all yours. Unless you’d rather have a vegan coffee/tea/chocolate with gourmet dessert.

How about eating something tasty and healthy?

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Last updated on 6 February 2018

Practical information


21 Boulevard du Temple
75003 Paris 3

République - Oberkampf - Filles du Calvaire

Dessert: 5 €
Soupe du jour: 5,5 €
Buddha Bowl: 14 €
Alcaline: 16 €
PH7: 20 €

Recommended age
For all

Official website

More information
Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 11h à 15h
Possibilité de prendre à emporter

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