Les Tantes Jeanne, Octave Kasakolu treats you well in Montmartre

Located in a small and narrow street further down Abbesses, restaurant Les Tantes Jeanne is a gem we love. For 4 years now, Octave Kasakolu offers the best of his cuisine (that evolves with each passing year) in a delicate setting. We tell you everything!

Open since 2012, restaurant Les Tantes Jeanne treats itself a new breath of life. If, at the opening, Les Tantes Jeanne has been thought up like a delicious inn from yesteryears, in 2018, Jeanne has become a true gastronomic restaurant with the right codes, a very wonderful tableware, delicious products and a high-quality menu. People come to discover wonderful products, new flavors (from Turkey and Asia) as well as to share many gourmet moments.

Les Tantes Jeannes : les photos

Alongside Octave and his wife Laetitia, a wonderful team making their regular clients experience moments of quietness and culinary pleasure. To keep up with the times, Octave reads a lot of magazines, tastes everything he finds and finds time to travel!

In Montmartre, the chef takes perverse pleasure in working the finest meats in the market (side of Black Angus beef, Rubia Gallega, Wagyu fillet, Kobe fillet and side of Kagoshima beef of which the marbling is worth the trip), with the world’s best condiments and serving dozens of flavorful wines!

The menu mixes quality products and ingredients. As starters, the Baie d’Erquy scallop rose, Australian finger lime vinaigrette & its sorbet, citrus fruit segments (€24) rub shoulders with the deconstructed organic hen egg, Melanosporum truffle cream (€24), Foie gras and vanilla carpaccio, buckwheat crumble, pan-fried mulberry-plane (€24) and red kuri squash & chestnuts, buckwheat tartlet, vegetables marinated in citrus fruits vinegar, cucumber emulsion (€12.5).

Les Tantes Jeannes : les photos

We trust the chef who invites us to taste the scallop dish to discover the Australian finger lime sorbet. What a discovery, an explosion of flavors in such a light dish… we would ask for more, if only there were nothing coming up.

Then, for the main course, the choice is Cornelian. The chef prepares Veal kidneys and farmed mussels, iodic veal and yellow wine reduction, girolle mushroom & shitakes (€39), a Sucking lamb from Pyrénées, organic seasonal vegetables, lamb juice (€38), a just-steamed arctic char, pearl barley risotto with caramelized mint butter (€39), as well as very beautiful meats served with miso sauce and mashed potatoes smoked with beech timber (from €33 to €135 according to the piece you choose).

Les Tantes Jeannes : les photos

We’ll go for the Kobe piece that has been eyeing us up since the beginning of the meal, displaying a wonderful marbling, and the mashed potatoes smoked with beech timber, we must give it a go.

What to say, except that the meat is absolutely delicious and soft, and the potatoes are a delight, a wonderful work that fulfills our taste buds? Well, we have to come back to try Octave Kasakolu’s other dishes!

After such a feast, desserts have some nice surprises in store: Dôme de pistaches térébinthe d’Antioche [Antioch’s terebinth pistachio dome], with a lava heart made of pistachio nuts, buckwheat crumble and its Kashk coffee? Black lemon from Iran or the Tartelette au citron noir [Black lemon Tartlet] & its sorbet, sweet shortcrust pastry, soft meringue (€14.5). Okay, after listening how Octave is bound to this tree that lulled its childhood and, knowing that Octave’s mother is asked to bring pistachios back to Paris, we try it and we don’t regret.

Les Tantes Jeannes : les photos

Well, what could we say, we are charmed! Rates are a bit expensive, but the 6-course set menu for €85 makes us forget about this guilty pleasure

Elodie D.
Last updated on 8 February 2018

Practical information


42 Rue Véron
75018 Paris 18

les entrées: 12-26 €
les desserts: 14,5 €
les plats: 29-85 €
menu déjeuner: 39 €
menu 6 temps: 85 €

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Ouvert 7/7j de 12h à 14h30 et de 18h à 23h30 sauf les lundi et mardi midis

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