Patchanka in Paris: the excellent Latino bistro in Paris 11th arrondissement

When food fulfills taste buds, but it even has the boldness to make us travel, it’s a success! And this is the menu that awaits when we come at Patchanka, the new Latino and gourmet address in Paris by Argentinian Chef Gastón Stivelmaher.

A small corner of Argentina has set in the middle of Paris 11th arrondissement. Patchanka is the new food baby of talented Argentinian Chef Gastón Stivelmaher.

After many travels (Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Cambodia, South America….), several experiences in Spain as well as in England, at London Fat Duck, Gastón comes to Paris and runs the kitchen of Argentinian restaurant Unico before working alongside renown Guy Martin. Then, he then throws himself into the adventure by opening Clasico supported by the strong concept of empanadas. After opening 7 Clasico restaurants in Paris and one in London, Gastón Stivelmaher is now facing up new challenges with the opening of this new place.

Patchanka, refereeing to Mano Negra’s album as well as the musical genre, is set in the chef’s favorite neighborhood, Paris 11th arrondissement, in February 2018.

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Behind this South-America-inspired restaurant, we discover a friendly place where Spanish accent rhymes the room, thanks to the welcoming and very nice waiter, Hernan.

In the open-plan kitchen, we find Chef Gastón Stivelmaher helped by his “second”. Together, they cook homemade dishes with love so that they are hearty and tasty.

Offering a migration and adventure cuisine, the chef has got inspired by his many travels to came up with a tantalizing and creative menu where Argentina is given pride of place especially with meats imported by freighters and cooked on the spot over hot charcoal, as well as the irresistible dulce de leche… Other South-American ingredients are also cooked such as cassava or even Mexican vanilla.

Moving on to the menu, that lunch, we had to choose between a grilled squid, veal kidneys, ceviche, Argentinian rib steak with its chimi sauce, or the Angus beef ribs cooked for 12 hours served with its cassava fries.

Please note that at dinnertime, the menu is more elaborated with an additional starter (shrimp croquetas and chipotle mayonnaise), three more main courses (candied lamb ravioli, stuffed quail and grilled over hot charcoal, the fish of the day) and another dessert (coconut panna cotta).

But we finally go for the lunch set menu, very affordable, (starter + main course + dessert for €17). Simple and effective at the same time, the chef comes up – according to deliveries, season and feelings – with two starters, two mains and two desserts.

That lunch, I chose the generous and delicious starter with raw seabream, enhanced by an avocado cream and lemon hints. A successful mix of flavors for an explosion in the mouth!

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Raw seabream, avocado and lemon

My partner in crime goes for the pan-fried white asparagus with chipotle mayonnaise for the spicy side and croutons to bring some crispiness and make this second starter another true success!

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Asparagus, chipotle mayonnaise and croutons

Moving on to main courses, the meat is here with a grilled flank of Angus beef, perfectly cooked and very tasty.

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Grilled flank of Angus beef

The other side of the table enjoys fish, because we must keep things interesting. And it’s interesting because I’ve had the pleasure of tasting a salmon escalope that is very well-cooked and seasoned.

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Salmon escalope

Both dishes are served with a delicious broccoli puree and grilled and soft eggplant chunks. Once again, it’s all about gustative pleasure for our taste buds’ greatest happiness.

Finally, in terms of desserts, we take the Chef’s two main desserts with on the one hand, our favorite one that will make sweet-toothed foodies addicted: a delicious and soft crème brulée based on dulce de leche with a coffee crumble and a yogurt ice cream.

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Dulce de leche crème brûlée, coffee crumble and yogurt ice cream

On the other hand, a dessert for cocoa lovers with the irresistible chocolateAlfajor”, think a dessert made of two cookies stuffed with chocolate. For even more originality, Chef Gastón put some kumquat confit inside. The whole is served with a delightful vanilla ice cream.

Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Chocolate “Alfajor”, kumquat confit and vanilla ice cream

To accompany the whole menu, is there anything better than being guided by Hernan? Fond of Argentinian wines, the waiter doesn’t lack compliments when it comes to speaking about the varied vintages. And we have found our favorite wine when tasting the excellent red wine Malbec de la Bodega Cecchin 2015.

After such a tasting, we can only congratulate and thank the chef for making us travel to faraway lands and making us discover flavors we’ve never taste before.

We leave with fulfilled taste buds and we want to come back as soon as possible to try more tantalizing savors!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume with moderation.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 9 April 2018

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75011 Paris 11

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Ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 12h00 à 14h30 et de 19h30 à 23h00 puis le samedi de 19h30 à 23h00

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